Morgan Fisher discography
- picture sleeve singles -

This page details Morgan Fisher's (solo) picture sleeve singles, including those issued under the Paper Bags and Hybrid Kids moniker. Most of these singles were pressed in small quantities and have become collectors items in recent years, fetching high prices on eBay!

Interestingly, all these sleeves sport a black & white design - I'd like to know if the two HYBRID KIDS singles missing from this page are the same.... hence I am looking for scan copies of "MacArthur Park b/w Wuthering Heights" (Cherry Red CHERRY 11) plus "Happy X-mas b/w Holly And The Ivy" (Cherry Red CHERRY 17). QUICK LINKS:


- solo releases -

Three Faces (2003)

A-side: Yakimo
B-side: Looking Out My Window / Morganics #1

- Austria 7" single: Klang Galerie GG58

Comments: Klang Galerie are known for their limited edition singles, and "Three Faces" by Morgan Fisher is no exception - it was limited to 100 copies. It was only available by mail order - an instant collectors item!

Happy Again (1984)

A-side: Happy Again
B-side: Lord Of The Full Moon

- UK 7" single: Cherry Red CHERRY 85

Comments: both tracks culled from the album "Look At Life"

The Pocket Library Of Unusual Film Music (1981)

Tracks: this single contains forty tracks lasting a total of over seventeen minutes. The music can best be described as 'miniature aural clip art' - it featured previously recorded tape bits edited together. The single was limited to 500 copies, and it was actually made to get Morgan out of a terrible contract with Dick James Music. They needed 40 songs, so he put them all on this single - some of the songs were only 4 seconds long!"

- UK single: Passion Records PASS1 (the record was manufactured in France)

Geneve (1979)

A-side: Geneve
B-side: Roll Away The Stone 78 / Sleeper / Lydian Theme

- UK 7" single: Cherry Red CHERRY 5

Comments: "Geneve" and "Roll Away The Stone 78" were new recordings, while "Sleeper" and "Lydian Theme" were recorded in 1973 for Morgan's solo album "Morgan Fisher's Hand Job" (not released until 1984, retitled "Ivories").

- with HYBRID KIDS -

HYBRID KIDS: D'Ya Think I'm Sexy (1979)

A-side: D'Ya Think I'm Sexy (by British Standard Unit)
B-side: Catch A Falling Star (by Riffi)

- UK 7" single: Cherry Red CHERRY 12

Comments: this is the second single from Morgan's first Hybrid Kids album. Morgan played all instruments himself, but credited the songs to imaginary new wave bands!

- with PAPER BAGS -

PAPER BAGS: Joss Bay (1978)

A-side: Joss Bay
B-side: Drat!

- UK 7" single: Retread Records TREAD 1

Comments: the Paper Bags were actually Morgan Fisher backed by the British Lions. Said Morgan (Outsider #5): These tracks were my response to my fascination with the one-finger organ style of 50s band Johnny and the Hurricanes.

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