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Steve Hyams was a good friend of Mott The Hoople in the early days, and members of the band recorded demos with him in 1974. The demos secured Steve a deal with Fresh Air, but the album he recorded for them in 1975 were never released. He then signed with Arista and cut several sessions for them in the late 70s which sadly got shelved as well. In 1977 he also recorded some demos using Mott as his backing band (released in 1993). Little was heard from Steve until 2002, when his new album "Feather And A Tomahawk" was released by Angel Air (who also issued the 1975 album on CD). Lately, Steve has been gigging with the Steve Hyams Band. Quick links:


- STEVE HYAMS: solo albums -


Tracks: Dear Louise / Brother Soul / Hot Footin' / Wild In The Streets / 1, 2, 3, 4 (Kickalong Blues) / World Cruise

- UK CD: See For Miles SEACD 7
- US CD (2001): Eastworld EW007

Comments: shortly after Nigel Benjamin left Mott in 1977, Mott backed Steve Hyams on some demos, and seriously toyed with the idea of going out as Mott The Hoople with Steve as vocalist. They didn't, but "Wild In The Streets" from the Hyams demos was the first song they recorded when they regrouped as British Lions.
When the Mott guys learned that this CD was being released, they objected to the use of Mott The Hoople, but to no avail.


Tracks: Mistaken Identities / Spanish Tune / Tombstone (Walking On A) / World Cruise / Pick It Up / 1234 Kik Along Blues / Sat On Your Own / I Fall Over I Fall Down / Wavy Line / Should Have Done Better / Do It Again / Lost In Me / Behind Me Now / Shuffle Down Easy / Lonely / Economic Tragedy / Dear Louise / Bringing In Me Back

- UK LP: Angel Air SJPCD015
Comments: "Mistaken Identities" was recorded in 1975, but unfortunately never released at the time. This 1999 CD also contains a number of tracks Steve recorded later for Arista in 1977 and 1979, featuring Morgan Fisher on three tracks. Unfortunately the demos Steve recorded with Overend Watts and Buffin in 1974 have not been included.


Tracks: Treat Yourself Right / Bethlehem Steel / Feather And A Tomahawk / Chasin Money / Eldorado / Never Judge A Man (Until You're Standing In His Shoes) / In The Morning / One For The Bride / The Hard Way / Blue Guitar / Lying In The Dark / Do It Again / Cold Comfort / Dig

- UK CD: Angel Air SJPCD039

Comments: Steve signed to Angel Air in the late 90s and eventually released his first solo album proper in 2002 (with Ray Majors guesting) to great critical acclaim.

- STEVE HYAMS: singles -

"Pick It Up" single (1975)

A-side: Pick It Up
B-side: Do It Again

- UK: Fresh Air 6121128

Comments: for many years this Tony Platt produced single from the 1975 sessions was the only entry in the Steve Hyams discography. Both tracks are included on the Angel Air "Mistaken Identities" CD release.
STEVE HYAMS ACETATE DISCOVERED! Two 1-sided 10 inch acetates with 7 inch cuts are known to exist on the CBS label (which was Mott's label at the time), suggesting that a second single from the 1975 album was being planned. The single would couple "Mistaken Identities" with "Lunch Bag Blues". "Mistaken Identities" is listed as SIDE 1 and "Lunch Bag Blues" SIDE 2. The latter has yet to surface anywhere, but "Mistaken Identities" is on the CD with the same name.

- STEVE HYAMS: miscellaneous -

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Friends And Relatives (1999)

Track by Steve Hyams: Treat Yourself Right

Other artists: Mott The Hoople, Mott, John Fiddler, British Lions, Verden Allen, Morgan, The Silence, The Rats, Ray Majors, Overend Watts, Mick Ralphs and Doc Thomas Group.

- UK CD: Eagle EAGCD 104

Comments: this excellent 2CD set has 25 tracks licenced from Angel Air's catalogue. The Steve Hyams track is culled from his "Feather And A Tomahawk" album.

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Family Album (2000)

Track by Steve Hyams: I Fall Over, I Fall Down

Other artists: Mott The Hoople, Mott, British Lions, Verden Allen, Morgan, The Silence, The Rats, Mick Ralphs and Doc Thomas Group.

- UK CD: Connoisseur VSOP CD283

Comments: A year later, Connoissseur issued a similar compilation CD - ensuring that no tracks were duplicated on the two releases. This time around the Steve Hyams track was culled from his "Mistaken Identities" album.

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