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I have published 13 issues of THE OUTSIDER and RONSON ABLAZE! magazines since 1989, plus a one-off magazine called "The Mott The Hoople History". THE OUTSIDER deals with all things Mott The Hoople / Ian Hunter and has been published every other year. RONSON ABLAZE! is basically an illustrated Mick Ronson discography.

UPDATE October 2002: Due to high printing and postage costs I have decided to put the fanzines on hold for the time-being while I sort out other possibilities. Quite possibly future editions will only be available on CDR discs - you can then print out your own copy in full colour or just read it on the computer. Out of print issues may be added to the discs as bonus - at least it is a possibility!

UPDATE January 2003: I can now accept payment in EURO banknotes.

The following issues are out of print: The Mott The Hoople History - Ronson Ablaze 1|2|3|5 - The Outsider 1|2|3|4|5

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[Ronson Ablaze #4]


- published December 1995
- 28 pages
- price incl. postage: US$5 or free if you order two or more issues.

This issue has a complete Ronson session and solo discography, and also a review of the 1995 Japanese Mick Ronson Tribute Concert in Tokyo. The price of this issue is US$5 post-paid anywhere in the world.

[Issue 8]


- published January 1999
- 80 pages
- price incl. postage: NOK60 (Scandinavia) - UKú7 or EUR10 (Europe) - US$15 (other countries)

This issue contains a 50 page world-wide Mott The Hoople discography, and rare picture sleeve singles are illustrated. There are also several in-depth features on other rare MTH records. Exclusive interviews this time around, with Morgan Fisher and Tommy Mandel. There is also a look at recent bootlegs - plus all the latest news, rumours and trivia.

[Issue 7]


- published March 1998
- 88 pages
- price incl. postage: NOK60 (Scandinavia) - UKú7 or EUR10 (Europe) - US$15 (other countries)

This issue has an exclusive sneak peak at the forthcoming MTH box set; a look at unreleased MTH songs in the vaults; exclusive interviews with Darrell Bath (Hunter), Dicken (Hunter), Sandy Dillon (Ronson) and Rick Rose (Ronson); several Hunter 1997 tour reports; Doc Thomas Group update; 14 pages of news (records, videos, rumours etc).

[Issue 6]


- published December 1996
- 88 pages
- price incl. postage: NOK60 (Scandinavia) - UKú7 or EUR10 (Europe) - US$15 (other countries)

This issue contains exclusive interviews with Ray Majors and Steve Hyams, plus Morgan Fisher update; Ian Hunter and Luther Grosvenor profiles (new CDs plus interviews); details of "Moth Poet Hotel" - a Japanese Mott The Hoople tribute CD. Plus 20 pages news update!

* * * SPECIAL OFFER * * *

If you order two issues, the total price will be NOK100 (Scandinavia) - UKú10 or EUR15 (Europe) and US$25 (other countries), and I will throw in Ronson Ablaze #4 for free!

Payment with EURO, US or UK bank notes only, or PayPal (see below). NO COINS and NO CHEQUES PLEASE!
Use registered mail for your own safety. Alternatively you can pay in your own currency,
but then you must add the equivelant of US$7 to cover extra bank charges.

[paypal] I now also accept payment with PayPal, but their credit card
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Send your order to Sven Gusevik, Tjodnaveien 2-B, 4340 Bryne, Norway

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