Mott The Hoople discography

All The Young Dudes - The Anthology (1998)

[ATYD - The Anthology] Tracks CD 1 (The Twilight of Pain Through Doubt): Like A Rolling Stone (impromptu jam) / Rock And Roll Queen (single version) / You Really Got Me (original 1969 vocal mix) / Wrath And Wroll (God Save The Queen coda) / SILENCE - Find Your Way / Moonbus (aka Baby's Got A Down) / It Would Be A Pleasure (demo) / Ohio (live) / Midnight Lady (mono) / The Debt / Downtown / Long Red / It'll Be Me / Till I'm Gone / One Of The Boys / The Journey (alternate version) / Mental Train / How Long? / Ride On The Sun / Movin' On / The Hunchbacked Fish (backtrack demo)

Tracks CD 2 (Temptations of The Flash): All The Young Dudes / One Of The Boys / Sweet Jane / Ready For Love / Honaloochie Boogie / The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople / I Wish I Was Your Mother / I'm A Cadillac / All The Way From Memphis / Hymn For The Dudes / Violence / Roll Away The Stone / Crash Street Kidds / Marionette / The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll / Rest In Peace / Born Late '58 / Foxy Foxy / Saturday Gigs

Tracks CD 3 (Blistered Psalms): All The Young Dudes (David Bowie guide vocal) / THE BUDDIES - It's Goodbye / DOC THOMAS GROUP - Just Can't Go To Sleep / SHAKEDOWN SOUND - Transparent Day / Shakin' All Over / Please Don't Touch / So Sad / Honaloochie Boogie (demo) / Hymn For The Dudes (demo) / Nightmare (demo) / The Saturday Kids / Lounge Lizzard / MOTT - Shout It All Out / MOTT - It Don't Come Easy / MOTT - Barking Up The Wrong Tree / MOTT - Too Short Arms (I Don't Care) / MOTT - Get Rich Quick / BRITISH LIONS - International Heroes / American Pie/Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll (live) / Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane (live) / Rock and Roll Queen (live) / Blowing In The Wind (live coda)

- all songs performed by Mott the Hoople unless otherwise noted.
Comments: this long-awaited Mott The Hoople box set (compiled by Dale Griffin) was finally released on 14th September 1998. It has a good mix of hits and rarities and it also covers the early days as The Buddies (1964), Doc Thomas Group (1966) and The Shakedown Sound (1968), plus spin-off bands Mott and British Lions. The box includes a 56-page booklet with a MTH chronology, a discography and details about each track.

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