Mott The Hoople discography

Concert Anthology (2005)

[Concert Anthology] Tracks CD1: Thunderbuck Ram / The Original Mixed Up Kid / Laugh At Me / Keep A Knockin' / Angel Of 8th Avenue / Whisky Women / Hymn For The Dudes / Sweet Jane / All The Young Dudes / Death May Be Your Santa Claus / The Ballad Of Billy Joe

Tracks CD2: Sea Diver / Sweet Angeline / American Pie / The Golden Age of Rock n Roll / Sucker / Rest In Peace / Born Late 58 / Marionette / All The Way From Memphis / If Your Heart Lay With The Rebel / It Would Be A Pleasure

- US 2CD (2005): Purple Pyramid CLP1509-2
Comments: This is another US only collection based on the Angel Air releases "All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia" and "Two Miles From Live Heaven". The last two tracks on each side are studio demos, otherwise only found on the "Two Miles From Live Heaven" compilation, and now available in the US for the first time.

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