Doc Thomas Group discography

Doc Thomas Group were Mick Ralphs and Dave Tedstone (guitars), Overend Watts (bass), Stan Tippins (vocals) and Bob Hall (drums). They recorded 20 tracks for an Italian label during one of their visits to Turin in October 1966, and their debut album followed six months later - it was only released in Italy.

This discography details Doc Thomas releases from all over the world. I am always looking to add more worldwide pressings, so get in touch if you can help. Quick links:

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- DOC THOMAS GROUP: albums -


Tracks: I'll Be Doggone / She Was Really Saying Something / Steal Your Heart Away / My Babe / Please Do Something / Shake / I Got You / Harlem Shuffle / Talking About My Baby / Just Can't Go To Sleep / Barefootin' / Rescue Me

- Italy LP: Interrecord I-LP-280 (pictured left)
- Italy CD (1998): On Sale Music 52 OSM 029 - image [pic]
- UK CD (1998): Angel Air SJPCD 020 - image [pic]
- Italy CD (2000): Akarma Records AK181
Comments: The 1998 Italian CD edition (limited to 1000 copies) was supposedly sourced from the original master tapes, while the British edition released by Angel Air used a mint vinyl LP as the source (the Italian 2000 edition was licenced from Angel Air). Note that the Angel Air edition was retitled "The Italian Job" and it came packaged with "Shotgun Eyes", the 1990 reunion album by the Silence (featuring members from Doc Thomas Group).

Beware of counterfeits! The vinyl LP was professionally counterfeited in the mid-80s - and these received worldwide distribution, so unless you bought an original LP back in the 60s or 70s, you probably have the counterfeit pressing!

- DOC THOMAS GROUP: singles -

Just Can't Go To Sleep (1967)

- Italy 7" single: Interrecord I-NP 1012

Comments: "Just Can't Go To Sleep" was coupled with "Harlem Shuffle" for this Italy only release.

Rescue Me (1967)

- Italy 7" single: MRC A 232

Comments: "Rescue Me" was available as an Italian jukebox single, coupled with "Balla Balla" by Italian artist Annarita Spinaci. These jukebox singles were used for promotion only - stock copies does not exist.

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