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This page details a few obscure Mick Ronson related records which I think will be of interest to collectors. Remember to let me know if you come across similar records!

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Guitars For Freedom II
- in remembrance of the fallen (2002 CD)

Artists: Marino / Steve Lukather / Mick Ronson / Jimmy Page / Ruggero Robin / Jeff Beck / Greg Leisz / Andy Summers / Tommy Denander / Michael landau / Peter Kern / Leah Aldridge / Foley / Tim Donahue / Angelo Jannotti / Eric Fischer

- US CD: Angels On Earth (no caltalogue number)

Comments: This is a great album - buy it and support a good cause! All proceeds from this compilation benefit the victims of 9-11. The songs are previously unreleased - Mick Ronson's family donated the "Heaven And Hull" version of "Indian Summer".

BOOK - Autant En Emporte Le Rock


track 41: Ian Hunter interview
track 42: Mick Ronson interview

- France CD: EPM / Le Castor Astral 074 (NOTE! only available with book)

Comments: French rock critic Jean-NoŽl Coche published the book "Autant En Emporte Le Rock.... 1960 - 2000" in May 2001. The book, published by Le Castor Astral, contains reviews and interviews (Mott The Hoople is mentioned). More important, the book also come with two CDs - one is a live CD by French prog rockers Ange, the other is entitled "Les Voix du Rock: Eclats de Voix" and features 74 one minute interviews - including one with Ian Hunter and another with Mick Ronson! All interviews were conducted by the author before or after a concert. The book is pictured left - click here for an image of the actual disc!

Most of the artists interviewed on the CD are contemporaries of Ian and Mick - e.g Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, Traffic, The Doors, Roxy Music, Status Quo, Jeff Beck etc.

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