Ian Hunter discography:
- promotional singles

This page deals with promotional singles. I have only pictured records that are either not available as stock copies at all, or they are somewhat different from the stock copies. The "A-label" promos are therefore not included here (same as stock copies but with a large "A" stamped on the label). Quick links:

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- 12" singles -

All Of The Good Ones Are Taken

USA 12" single

A-side: All Of The Good Ones Are Taken
B-side: All Of The Good Ones Are Taken

- note that the sleeve wrongly list "That Girls Is Rock 'n' Roll" as B-side.

I'm The Teacher (1984)

USA 12" single

Comments: "I'm The Teacher" was used in the motion picture "Teachers" (starring Nick Nolte) and it was included on the accompanying soundtrack album, for which this single served as a teaser. Like most USA promos, "I'm The Teacher" is found on boths sides of the single - one is long (4:34) and the other short (4:12) mixes of the song. The short version is not available anywhere else, and !

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