Ian Hunter discography:
- promotional singles

This page deals with promotional singles. I have only pictured records that are either not available as stock copies at all, or they are somewhat different from the stock copies. The "A-label" promos are therefore not included here (same as stock copies but with a large "A" stamped on the label). Quick links:

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- CD singles -

American Music (1989)

USA CD-single

Track 1: American Music

Womens Intuition (1989)

USA CD-single

Track 1: Womens Intuition (edit)

"YUI Orta" 4-track sampler (1990)

England CD-single

Track 1: American Music
Track 2: Womens Intuition
Track 3: Cool
Track 4: Big Time

Red Letter Day (1995)

Norway CD-single

Track 1: Red Letter Day (long)
Track 2: Red Letter Day (short)

Too Much (1996)

Germany CD-single

Track 1: Too Much (edit)

Too Much (1996)

Norway CD-single

Track 1: Too Much
[Hvem Synger promo CD]

Too Much (1996)

Norway CD-single

Ian's Norwegian label Polydor made a promo video for "Too Much". In the video, which was aired several times during the first two weeks of October 1996 on TV3 (a Norwegian cable channel), you saw Ian's face and heard the song. A phone number was listed on the screen and if you knew the identity of the "mystery artist", you could enter a competition to win a trip to New York, to meet Ian! This single was distributed in small numbers to promote the TV promo.

Death Of A Nation (2001)

USA CD-single

Track 1: Death Of A Nation
Track 2: All The Young Dudes (acoustic)
Track 3: Wash Us Away (acoustic)

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