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Having recorded his first session with the Buddies in 1964, it took Mick Ralphs nearly 20 years to make a solo album ("Take This!" in 1984). He finally left Bad Company in 2001 and has been working as a solo artist since - even teaming up with Ian Hunter for a short UK tour in 2002. This discography details Mick's solo career. Quick links:


- MICK RALPHS: solo albums -

TAKE THIS! (1984 / 1998)

Tracks: All It Takes / Hey Baby / Take This / Give You My Love / Fast Travelling Man / On The Run / Last Chance Saloon / Rock Fever / When The Revolution Comes / Another Lonely Day / *Rock N Roller / *All Across The Nile / *All It Takes / *Give You My Love / *On The Run / *Last Chance Saloon / *When The Revolution Comes / *Another Lonely Day / *Rock N Roller / *All Across The Nile (* denotes bonus tracks on the 1998 edition)

- UK LP (1984): Rock Machine MACH 3 (pictured left)
- US CD (1995): Griffin Music GCD-356-2
- UK CD (1998): Angel Air SJPCD037 - different sleeve [pic]
Comments: the CD version has different vocals, and a less clear sound than the vinyl counterpart. The reason for this is not clear even to Ralphs - two separate masters perhaps?

IT'S ALL GOOD (2001)

Tracks: S.E.X / Barking Mad / Don't Need Money / Jessica / Hideaway / Jazz-Wah / Train Wreck / Large! / Atmosphere / Gravy Booby / Coming Up The Hill / More S.E.X.

- UK CD: Angel Air SJPCD052

Comments: All the songs are new Mick Ralphs solo recordings, except "Hideaway" which is a previously unreleased Bad Company live recording (from the 1999 USA tour).


Tracks: Under Pressure / For My baby / Our Time / A to Z / You And Me / Hey Hey / Everybeat / Nobody Knows Me / Ain't It Good? / Fool For Your Loving / That's Life / Budgie / Can't Get Enough

- UK CD: Angel Air SJPCD136

Comments: "Budgie" is a unreleased Bad Company track from 1977. "Can't Get Enough" is a 1970 demo of the song that went on to become Bad Company's biggest hit.

- MICK RALPHS: miscellaneous -

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Friends And Relatives (1999)

Tracks by Mick Ralphs: All Across The Nile / Take This

Other artists: Mott The Hoople, Mott, John Fiddler, British Lions, Verden Allen, Morgan, The Silence, The Rats, Ray Majors, Overend Watts, Steve Hyams and Doc Thomas Group.

- UK CD: Eagle EAGCD 104

Comments: this excellent 2CD set has 25 tracks licenced from Angel Air's catalogue. Both Mick Ralphs songs are taken from the "Take This" album.

MOTT THE HOOPLE - Family Album (2000)

Track by Mick Ralphs: Rock 'n' Roller

Other artists: Mott The Hoople, Mott, British Lions, Verden Allen, Morgan, The Silence, The Rats, Steve Hyams and Doc Thomas Group.

- UK CD: Connoisseur VSOP CD283

Comments: A year later, Connoissseur issued a similar compilation CD - ensuring that no tracks were duplicated on the two releases.

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