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This discography details Mick's session and production work only. His recordings with The Buddies, The Doc Thomas Group, Mott The Hoople and Bad Company have therefore not been included. Quick links:

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BRONCO - Ace of Sunlight (1971 LP)

Tracks: Amber Moon / Time Slips Away / Some Uncertainty / Woman / New Day Avenue / Discernible / Sudden Street / Joys And Fears

- UK LP: Island ILPS 9161 | US LP: Atlantic 9309

Comments: Bronco vocalist Jess Roden sang back-up on Mott's "Wildlife" LP, and Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs and Verden Allen returned the favour on the "Ace of Sunlight" LP. Hunter/Ralphs played on "Amber Moon", while Verden was on the track "Discernible".

[Moving On]

HACKENSACK - Moving On (1972 single)

Tracks: Moving On / River Boat

- UK 7" single: Island WIP-6149
- Germany 7" single: Island 12501 AT (pictured left)

Comments: Hackensack supported Mott The Hoople on the "Rock N Roll Circus" tour in 1972, and recorded "Moving On" shortly after. The song was written by Mick Ralphs, who also played lap steel on Hackensack's version.

ALVIN LEE - Pump Iron (1998 CD re-issue)

Tracks: One More Chance / Try To Be Righteous / You Told Me / Have Mercy / Julian Rice / Time And Space / Burnt Fungus / Darkest Night / It's All Right Now / Truckin' Down The Other Way / Let The Sea Burn Down / CD BONUS TRACKS: Madness / Midnight Special

- Germany CD: Repertoire 4703

Comments: "Midnight Special" featuring Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell and Tim Hinkley was one of two bonus tracks on the CD re-issue of "Pump Iron" from 1975.
Alvin Lee: "I recently did a bonus track called “Midnight Special” for the “Pump Iron” CD, it was a big jam at Hookend with Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell and Tim Hinkley. I came across the multi track a few years ago and put a vocal on it which sounded great. I later decided that the guitar solos were a bit weak and put new guitar solos on. So that track took 21 years to record! I did it with Stuart Epps as the engineer and it sounds great - like it was all done at the same time"

[Midnight Flyer]

MIDNIGHT FLYER - Midnight Flyer (1981 LP)

Tracks: Hey Boy / Love Games / French Kisses / In My Eyes / Over And Over / Last Resort / Do You Want My Love / Sweet Loving Woman / What Ever I Want / Midnight Love / Rough Trade / CD BONUS TRACKS: Rock ‘n’ Roll Party / Waiting For You

UK LP: Swan Song SSK 59412
UK CD (2005): Angel Air SJPCD198

Comments: Midnight Flyer were Maggie Bell, Dave Dowle, Antony Glynne, Tony Stevens, John Cook and Chris Parren. Mick Ralphs produced their self-titled album, and contributed a little guitar as well.

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