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Singer/songwriter Rick Rose worked regularly with Mick Ronson in the 80's, first with his bands Lennex and Perfect Affair, later as a solo artist. Rick has been writing with the likes of Desmond Child and Anton Fig in recent years - and he released his first solo album proper in 2000. A CD re-issue of the Ronson produced Perfect Affair album from 1983 was released by Pacemaker Records at the end of 2001.

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Struggle (1981 flexi disc)

Comments: Mick Ronson produced a full album for Lennex, entitled "Midnight In Niagara", that was never released. One of the songs, "Struggle", surfaced on this one-sided flexidisc, given away with the Canadian magazine Music Express. Another track, "She's Got It", was included on a 1982 compilation LP showcasing local talent called "Q107 Homegrown Vol. 4".

- - WANTED: scan of the Q107 album cover - -



Tracks: Visions / She's Got It / Through The Night / Remember / Love In Your Eyes / On The Edge / Queen Of The Night / Calm, Cool & Collected / Crazy / Hard Fight

- the LP was released in Canada, UK, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Finland and England


Tracks: Visions / Remember / Queen Of The Night / Calm, Cool & Collected / Hard Fight / Love In Your Eyes / On The Edge / Crazy / She's Got It / Remember (Dance Mix) / Sub Suburbian Dream / Niagara / Wichita / Under The Sky Under The Moon / Jean Genie

This Canada only CD is effectively a re-issue of the 1983 album with bonus tracks. It does not include "Through The Night" from the original LP - this have been replaced by a previously unreleased dance mix of "Remember" instead. Interestingly the B-side of the Rose/Ronson 1987 single (produced and co-written by Mick Ronson) is one of the six bonus tracks - the others are mostly excellent Rick Rose unreleased solo recordings, but there is also a great live version of "Jean Genie" recorded by Perfect Affair in 1983.

She's Got It (1983 single)

Comments: this was a Canadian only single, backed with "Crazy". There was also a second Canadian single - "On The Edge / Visions". Both singles made the Canadian Top 20 charts.

- - WANTED: scan of the "On The Edge" picture sleeve - -


Gypsy Jewelry (1987 single)

Comments: Ronson returned to Canada in the late 80s and produced this single for Perfect Affair vocalist Rick Rose (only released in Canada). He also co-wrote both songs, "Gypsy Jewelry" and "Under The Sky, Under The Moon".

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