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The "Mick Ronson Session Discography" was first published in 1990 and it has since been revised three times. The discography is only distributed in printed form (hard copy) and version 4.0 is still available - priced US$5 postpaid anywhere in the world (or FREE if you order two or more of my fanzines) - More info!

Click here for a screen shot of the discography!

The index below list all artists covered in the session discography. For the hyperlinked artists I have uploaded images of rare singles and albums - be sure to check them out! I will add pages on all artists in this index in due time, but please bear with me - this is a longterm project. Get in touch if you know any of these artists well - I still need a lot of information!

Index of Mick Ronson sessions and productions:

Arco Valley
Johnny Average Band
Lisa Bade
Marc Bolan
David Bowie
T-Bone Burnett
John Cale
Corky Laing
Careless Talk
David Cassidy
Michael Chapman
Ava Cherry
Arnold Corns
Roger Daltrey
Dead Fingers Talk
Sandy Dillon
Lisa Dominique
Dr. John
Bob Dylan
Stanley Frank
The Fallen Angels
The Fatal Flowers
The Fentons
Dag Finn
Ellen Foley
Les Fradkin
Kinky Friedman
(Minneapolis) Funhose
Dana Gillespie
Girls Next Door
Steve Harley
Mary Hogan
Ian Hunter
Iron City Houserockers
David Johansen
Elton John
Kiss That
Marie Laure Et Lui
The Leather Nuns
Los Illegals
David Lynn Jones
Roger McGuinn
Mamas and Papas
Benny Mardones
Meat Loaf
John Cougar Mellencamp
Cody Melville
Van Morrison
Mott The Hoople
The New York Yanquis
The New Seekers
One The Juggler
The Payolas
The Phantoms
Annette Peacock
Perfect Affair
Pure Prairie League
The Rats
Genya Ravan
Philip Rambow
Axelle Red
Roger C Reale
Lou Reed
Rich Kids
Rick Rose
Rubber City Rebels
Bob Sargeant
Secret Mission
Andi Sexgang
Charlie Sexton
Slaughter And The Dogs
The Sonic Walthers
The Sparks
The Spiders From Mars
Split Enz
Al Stewart
Casino Steel
Ian Thomas
The Toll
David Torn
Midge Ure
Randy Vanwarmer
Visible Targets
The Wildhearts

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