This page details re-issues of Mott The Hoople's 1969 - 1974 studio and live albums plus new archive releases. "Greatest Hits" plus other compilations and retrospectives by the band will be listed on the Mott The Hoople compilations page. The newest releases are listed first.

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(Rhino Custom Products OPLP-8862)

"Complete Atlantic Studio Albums" is a limited and numbered edition 4LP-box set on 180gram vinyl, released on 14 October 2014. The 4 LPs are exact replicas of the original Atlantic albums and comes with a 12x12 poster with informative liner notes and a rarely seen band photo from the early 1970s.

TRACK LISTING (Mott The Hoople): You Really Got Me / At the Crossroads / Laugh At Me / Backsliding Fearlessly (Single Version) / Rock and Roll Queen / Rabbit Foot and Toby Time / Half Moon Bay / Wrath and Wroll

TRACK LISTING (Mad Shadows): Thunderbuck Ram / No Wheels To Ride / You Are One of Us / Walkin' With a Mountain / I Can Feel / Threads of Iron / When My Mind's Gone

TRACK LISTING (Wildlife): Whisky Women / Angel of Eighth Avenue / Wrong Side of the River / Waterlow / Lay Down / It Must Be Love / Original Mixed-Up Kid / Home Is Where I Want To Be / Keep a Knockin' (Live)

TRACK LISTING (Brain Capers): Death May Be Your Santa Claus / Your Own Backyard / Darkness Darkness / The Journey / Sweet Angeline / Second Love / The Moon Upstairs / The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception


Highslide JS Tracklisting: Sweet Jane / Momma's Little Jewel / All the Young Dudes / Sucker / Jerkin' Crocus / One of the Boys / Soft Ground / Ready for Love/After Lights / Sea Diver

- Holland LP: Music On Vinyl MOVLP779

Re-issue of the 1972 album on 180 gram audiophile vinyl

LIVE 2013 (2014)

Highslide JS "LIVE 2013" UK 2CD+DVD
(Concert Live)

This 2CD+DVD combo captures Mott’s memorable performance on 17 November 2013 at Manchester Apollo. It is the first (and last?) full-length video release by the band. In addition to the DVD, this commemorative set includes bonus audio from the same night, across two discs.

Tracklisting: Rock and Roll Queen / One Of The Boys / The Moon Upstairs / Hymn For The Dudes/ Sucker / Soft Ground / Waterlow / Born Late 58 / Death May Be Your Santa Claus / Ballad Of Mott The Hoople / Walkin With A Mountain / Violence / MEDLEY: When My Minds Gone/No Wheels To Ride/The Journey / Honaloochie Boogie / The Golden Age Of Rock N Roll / All The Way From Memphis / All The Young Dudes / Roll Away The Stone / Saturday Gigs

Ian Hunter: "It was a brilliant reunion tour, great to have Mott back together, even if it was for such a short time. We wanted to be sure our fans had something special to add to their collection, as each of us continue in the future with separate projects. I like the DVD, well put together and a great Mott memento."

Mick Ralphs: "It's been 5 years since the 40th Anniversary reunion shows, so it was great to be playing together again. We wanted to give fans something special to remember Mott by; I think the DVD does that perfectly."

Verden Allen: "It was great to get together again with the boys for our November 2013 reunion tour, though it all passed by too quickly, at least we have a live DVD of the Manchester Apollo gig to reflect back on, a first for Mott The Hoople and most probably the one and only for all time."

Overend Watts: "A special thanks to all our fans who've stuck with us down the years and turned out to support us in their droves. They spurred us on like the old days. I think the DVD/CDs came out brilliantly against all odds and I take my hat off to Concert Live for capturing the best footage by far there's ever been of MTH."

LIVE IN SWEDEN 1971 2010

Highslide JS "LIVE IN SWEDEN 1971" Germany LP
(Sireena Records 4009)

Tracklisting: Long Red / The Original Mixed-Up Kid / Walkin' With A Mountain / Laugh At Me / Thunderbuck Ram / Keep A Knockin'

Vinyl only release of the 16 February 1971 Stockholm radio broadcast.

MOTT (2010)

Highslide JS Tracklisting: All The Way From Memphis / Whizz Kid / Hymn For The Dudes / Honaloochie Boogie / Violence / Drivin' Sister / Ballad Of Mott The Hoople / I'm A Cadillac/El Camino Do Roso / I Wish I Was Your Mother

- Holland LP: Music On Vinyl MOVLP126

Re-issue of the 1973 album on 180 gram audiophile vinyl

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