DARRELL BATH discography

With Darrell Bath, Ian finally found a partner he was comfortable working with after the sad demise of Mick Ronson. They met at the sessions for "Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry" in 1994 and worked together, on and off, for the next six years. When Ian was not touring, Darrell was busy plugging his own career with regular gigs in London - and he eventually released his first 'solo' album, "Same Old Brand New", in May 2000. This also marked the end of his working relationship with Ian.

This discography details Darrell Bath's solo releases plus his collaborations and session work.

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DARRELL BATH solo releases

Highslide JS "ROLL UP" UK CD | 2015
(Livewire/Cargo Records LW043-2)

Tracklisting: Dancin' With The Devil's Goombah / It's In The Music / Dirty Rocky Road / Slimline Jim / Clingin' On / Eye For An Eye / Muppets / Rat Palace / Man-Monkey

Darrell is taking time out after 2 1/2 years of relentless worldwide touring with the Vibrators. On his latest solo release, Darrell is joined by Crybabys drummer Robbie Rushton and bassist Chris McDougall on a set of 9 brand new and original rockers.

Highslide JS "LOVE AND HURT" UK CD | 2002
(Changes One Records CHANGESCD 005)

Tracklisting: So Young, So Wise / Bit Of Your Pride / Love And Hurt / Still Learning / Stop Talkin' Bout Money / Sweet Warm Lover / To Die For / Tumbleweed / Gimme A Choice / Don't Go Wastin' My Heart

Dave Goodman of Sex Pistols fame co-produced this album which saw Darrell backed by Paul Francis (Ian Hunter Band) on bass, Hugh McKenna (ex SAHB) on keyboards and Zag on drums.

Highslide JS (with SABRE JET) "SAME OLD BRAND NEW" UK CD | 2000
(Delicious Records DEL 101)

Tracklisting: Same Old Brand New / Never Trust A Blonde / Ramona / That's Not Really What Love's All About / No Justice / Getting By / Just Be true / Something I Can't Give Away / Pawn Shop / Rats / E2G / All Your Lovin'

Although it is credited to Sabre Jet, this is indeed the long promised Darrell Bath solo album! It was produced by Andy Scott (The Sweet) and Ian Hunter tour manager Kris Gray, and features Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Richie Newman (Tracie Hunter Band) and Paul Kirkham (bass). Honest John Plain is also helping out on some tracks.

no label | UK cassette | 1995

Darrell Bath teamed up with Quireboys vocalist Spike to record this excellent set of ancient blues standards. It was recorded at Chiswick Reach, an old valve studio - and featured Mitt Gamon (harp) and Henry Twinch (keyboards).

Tracklisting: Honey Bee / Every Little Bit Of My Heart / Candyman TK2 / Ghost In The Jukebox / Take Out Insurance / From 4 Till Late / Rising Sun (alt) / Peepin' And A Hidin' / Got To be With You Tonight / Write Me A Few Lines / Cocaine Blues / When The Rain Falls / Champagne + Reefer / Rich Man, Poor Man / Young Man / Hesitation Blues / Spoonful | new compositions by Spike and Darrell are marked in yellow


Highslide JS "Hey Santa!" UK 12" single | 1987
(Fallout FALL 12-044)

Darrell joined U.K. Subs in 1987 and recorded one single and three albums with them over a period of three years, credited as Darrell Barth. The "Hey Santa!" single also included the album tracks "Captain Scarlet", "Thunderbird" and "Street Legal".

Highslide JS "JAPAN TODAY" UK LP | 1987
(Fall Out LP045)

Tracklisting: Another Cuba / Punk Rap / Streets On Fire / Sex Object / Warzone / Japan Inc. / Comin' Back / Thunderbird / Hey! Santa / Street Legal / Captain Scarlet / Skate Board Billy / Surf Bastard

Other collectable editions | USA LP: Restless 722741 | UK CD (1993): Fall Out CD045 | UK CD (2000): Captain Oi! AHOY CD167

(Released Emotions REM 005)

Originaly released on vinyl only, this recording has since been released on CD under the title "Live And Loud" (2005) and as part of the compilations "Countdown" (2001) and "Europe Calling" (1990/1998).

Tracklisting: Rock'n' Roll Savage / Motivator / Combat Zone / Emotional Blackmail / Endangered Species / I Robot / New York State Police / Streets On Fire-Punk Rap / Sk8 Tough / She's Not There / Warhead / Rockers / You Don't Belong / Cid / Strangehold / Tomorrow's Girls / Teenage / Thunderbird Wine / Brand New Cadillac / Roadhouse Blues / Back Door Man

Highslide JS "MAD COW FEVER" UK CD | 1990
(Fallout Fall CD048)

Tracklisting: I Walked With A Zombie / Mandarins Of Change / Boneyard / Welfare Mother / Saints And Sinners / Pearl Divers / Roadhouse Blues / Talking 'Bout You / Road Runner / Route '66 / Pills / Baby Please Don't Go / Last Bus Boogie / Ecology Blues

DARRELL BATH with Dogs D'amour & Tyla

(China WOL CD 1032)

Darrell Bath joined Dogs D'amour in November 1992, and recorded one album plus a set of live EPs with them.
He also guested on two of Dogs D'amour vocalist Tyla's solo albums (these are also detailed below).

Tracklisting: What's Happening Here? / What You Do / Pretty, Pretty Once / World's Different Now (An Ode To Drug Hill) / Mr. Addiction / Johnny Silvers / Cath / More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace / Scared Of Dying / Mr. Barfly / Put It In Her Arm | Darrell Bath co-wrote the three songs marked in yellow

Other collectable editions | UK LP: China WOL 1032 | UK CD with bonus video of the making of the album: China WOKCDV1032 | Japan CD with three bonus tracks (All Or Nothing / English Outlaw / No Gypsy Blood '93): Pony Canyon PCCY-00429

Highslide JS "All Or Nothing" UK CD-single | 1993
(CD1: China WOKCD 2033 | CD2: China WOKCDR 2033)

"All Or Nothing" was available in two different editions. The singles were sold separately, in identical covers. All songs on these two singles are non-album tracks - and "Hard To Leave This World" is yet another Tyla/Bath composition | CD no. 1 was also available on 12" vinyl (China WOKT 2033)

- CD 1: All Or Nothing / Johnny Silvers / English Outlaw / No Gypsy Blood '93
- CD 2: All Or Nothing / When Nobody Loves You / What's Happening Here / Hard To Leave This World

Highslide JS "Pretty Pretty Once" UK single | 1993
(China WOKA|B|C|CD 2038)

China Records issued four "Pretty Pretty Once" singles, with different live B-sides and different sleeve colours. Together these singles formed a Limited Edition Four Part 'Low Price' Live Album. Part 1, 2 and 3 were vinyl releases. Part 4 was only available as a CD-single.

- (PART ONE 7" red): China WOKA 2038 | Pretty Pretty Once / Everything I Want / Heartbeat
- (PART TWO 7" green): China WOKB 2038 | Pretty Pretty Once / Trail Of Tears / Medicine Man
- (PART THREE 7" orange): China WOKC 2038 | Pretty / Drunk Like Me / I Don't Want You To Go
- (PART FOUR CD-single): China WOKCD 2038 | Pretty Pretty Once / Mr. Addiction / Last Bandit / How Come It Never Rains

Polydor POCD 1440 | Japan CD | 1994

Tracklisting: The Ballad Of No One In Particular / All You Had / Bloody Mary / Where Were You / Little Thing / The Adultra / Throw It All Away / Hard To Leave This World / The Town / Damnation / Daddie's Death / Spirit Of The Jag / The Whisper / Kings Of The Streets / Two Black Eyes

Tyla's first solo album was originally issued only in Japan, but a UK release followed two years later (Revolver REV XD 197). The two songs marked in yellow were co-written with Darrell Bath.

Revolver REV XD218 | UK CD | 1997

Tracklisting: Passenger Of Time / Mad Bad Jack / Ghost Lover / Best Regards / Those Days / Gods Or Dogs / Gracie

Darrell Bath plays on the last three songs - he also co-wrote "Those Days".

DARRELL BATH with The Crybabys

(Receiver RRCD 142)

Darrell Bath formed The Crybabys with Honest John Plain in 1990 and they released their first album "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" in 1991. The band folded in the mid-90s, but have been resurrected several times - most recently on a 2015 reunion tour.

Tracklisting: Where Have All The Good Girls Gone / You Don't Have To Wear Boots To Be A Cowboy (But You've Gotta Leave Your Horse Outside) / Highslide JS This Is What We Want / She Didn't Like Rock And Roll / Remember To Forget / Lovin' What's Left / Go Go Girl / Money / European Girls / Too Hot To Last / When You Leave Me Baby Can I Come Too

The album was also released on vinyl. The first pressings were housed in a white cover (pictured right). The same catalogue number is used for both editions (Receiver RRLP 142)

Highslide JS "You Don't Have To Wear Boots To Be A Cowboy (But You've Gotta Leave Your Horse Outside") UK 7" single | 1991
(Receiver RRS 1004)

The Crybabys' debut single coupled two album tracks. Darrell wrote the A-side (misspelled Barth on the label). The B-side was "Lovin' What's Left Of Me" written by Honest John Plain.

Highslide JS "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" UK CD single | 1991
(Receiver RRSCD 1006)

Another three album tracks were used for the second single. "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" was produced by Jim Lea (of Slade fame) and were teamed with "Too Hot To Last" and "Lovin' What's Left Of Me".

Highslide JS "Who Were You Thinking Of" UK CD single | 1992
(Receiver RRSCD 1008)

"Who Were You Thinking Of?" was recorded for the unreleased second album "What Kind Of Rock'n'Roll". The single also included "She Didn't Like Rock And Roll" and "You Don't Have To Wear Boots" from the debut album.

Highslide JS "ROCK ON SESSIONS" France CD | 2000
(Action Records AR001CD)

Tracklisting: All The Way To Hell And Back / Some Do I Got You / The One That Got Away / Hard Shoulder To Cry On / Sha La La la Good Good Times / Rocking Myself To Sleep / Each Time I Fall Apart / Swallow Me Up / Baby Mystery / Back Street Girl / Can't Shake Your Memory Down / Vaya Con Dios

"Rock On Sessions" was recorded in 1995, following Darrell Bath and Honest John Plain's collaboration with Ian Hunter on the Dirty Laundry project. According to Darrell, 'it features songs that nearly made it on to the Dirty Laundry album and some that never would have made the Dirty Laundry album!' "Rock On Sessions" wasn't released until 2000, when it was picked up by Action Records in France.

Highslide JS "DAILY MISERY" UK CD | 2002
(Angel Air SJCPCD 120)

Tracklisting: Joe's Song / Rock N Roll Heart / Pub Crawlin / Marie Marie / Punk Rock / Back Street Girl / I Want You / Damage / Sad, Sad Girl / Forever's Gone / Staggerin' Lengths / Daily Misery

"Daily Misery" was recorded in Holland in 1996, but wasn't released until 2002. Honest John Plain and Darrell Bath were joined by Vom Ritchie, Nick Peckham and Bartie Slob. Ian Hunter co-wrote "Rock N Roll Heart" with Darrell at the sessions for "Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry" in 1994.

Highslide JS "WHAT KIND OF ROCK N ROLL?" UK CD | 2003
(Castle Music CMDDD750)

The Crybabys' lost second album entitled "What Kind of Rock'n'Roll?" was recorded in June 1991 with a 1992 release date. It was finally released by Sanctuary Record Group in July 2003 for the first time ever, in a 2CD set coupled with their first album "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone".

Tracklisting CD1: (Boo Hoo) I Ain't Your Crybaby / Lightning Strikes / Thin Ice (Don't You Ever Coz It Wouldn't Be Clever) / No Justice In Love / Crawling Over Your Doormat / Sad Souvenir / Hijack Your Heart / Who Were You Thinking Of? / Li'l Miss Paradise / Operator / Black Train / Fucked Up / What Kind Of Rock 'n' Roll?

Tracklisting CD2: the complete "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" album plus four bonus tracks: Where Have All The Good Girls Gone (single version) / The Letter / Crimson And Clover / Walking The Dog

Highslide JS "THE ITALIAN JOB" Italy 7" EP single | 2016
(Area Pirata AP050)

Side A: (THE CRYBABYS) Scars / Tell Me
Side B: (LESTER GREENOWSKI) On The Autobahn / Again

Available in red or black vinyl (also available digitally)

After a 15 years hiatus, The CRYBABYS are back with original members Honest John Plain (The BOYS), Darrell Bath (VIBRATORS, DOGS D'AMOUR…) and Robbie Rushton (GUNSLINGERS, MANNISH BOYS…), and they sound better than ever! "Scars" is a song that was already released on "Dirty Laundry", but they re-recorded it for this 7" single. The B-side is a cover of "Tell Me (You're Coming Back)" from the 1964 self-titled album by the Rolling Stones.

The two songs on the B-side feature Lester Greenowski who was The CRYBABYS' bass player on their last European tour.

DARRELL BATH with Honest John Plain

- UK: Feedback FEED2001
- USA: Griffin GCD-598-2

Tracklisting: That's Not Love / Messed up / Horrible Woman / Thinking Of You / Song For Me / Sad Souvenir / Operator / Thin Ice / Tune Up The Violins / Vaya Con Dios / Marlene / It's Like This / Sorrows

Technically this is Honest John Plain's first solo album, but Darrell co-wrote seven songs, and sang lead on the three songs marked in yellow - so it classifies as a Crybabys album in my book! This album was recorded in Wales in 1993, but not released until 1996.

Highslide JS "NEVER LISTEN TO RUMOURS" mp3 single | 2012
(Cubit Recordings Ltd)

Honest John Plain recorded a new solo album at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth in the summer of 2011 backed by an all-star cast and "Never Listen To Rumours" is the first single taken from the album. It was released in September 2012 in a digital download format only.

Highslide JS Promo CD-singles were distributed to press and media however, and can easily be picked up from eBay.

The promo video for the single featured most of the musicians playing on the album, including Michael Monroe and Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks/New York Dolls), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders), Casino Steel (The Boys), Darrell Bath (The Crybabys/Dogs D’Amour) and Verden Allen.

Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) played bass on the studio version of "Never Listen To Rumours" but he was replaced by Sami Yaffa for the video.

Highslide JS Said Honest John Plain: "Recording with Casino Steel, Michael Monroe, Glen Matlock, Sami Yaffa, Verden Allen, Darrell Bath, Robbie Ruston and all at Rockfield last year was certainly fantastic fun. Being in the same studio that Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody and Pete Stride and I made the New Guitars album all those years ago was a real blast.

Well I have actually worked with most of them previously. Casino Steel in The Boys and numerous other bands/projects over the years, Darrell Bath and Robbie Rushton in The Crybabys and other projects, Glen Matlock with Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry and Sami Yaffa has played live with me.

I'd never previously met Martin Chambers, Verden Allen or Michael Monroe so it was amazing that they wanted to be involved in the album as I had always admired their work"

UPDATE March 2016: the solo album discussed above has still not been released, but another album track ("Dancing On The Moon") has been made available from Soundcloud.

Highslide JS "VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sex, Drugs and HIV" UK 2CD+DVD | 2014
(LMG LMGM 017)

In 1995 Mat Sargent (Sham 69 and Chelsea) asked fellow musicians to help him put an album together to benefit several charities. Fast forward 19 years, over 200 guest musicians, 40 original songs and 170 hours of video footage and the Sex, drugs and HIV album was finally born!

This double CD also includes a DVD of all the songs and 28 page booklet listing all the musicians on each track. Proceeds from the sale of the album will go to Cancer Research, Rape Crisis, Release and Terrence Higgins Trust. For the full listing of musicians and more information on the project please visit www.sexdrugsandhiv.com

The title track "Sex, Drugs and HIV" is written by Darrell Bath and Honest John Plain and they also perform it backed only by Max Splodge on trombone. Darrell also plays guitar on "Gone So Long" which has Mat Sargent on vocals.

DARRELL BATH with Rene Berg

(Communique CMGCD005)
(2010 UK re-issue: Transmission Recordings TRANSCD03)

Tracklisting: Secrets / Head Over Heels / Can't Get To Sleep / If I Had Wings / Get Up Get Out / Just Wanted To Dance With You / Fast Car / Ideal Woman / Rob The Bank / The Leather, The Loneliness And Your Dark Eyes

Highslide JS The album featured guitarist Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne Band, Gillan), Paul Gray (Damned, UFO) and Rat Scabies (Damned) on drums. Darrell sings backing vocals on two tracks. Rene Berg was briefly a member of Hanoi Rocks.

In 1999 UK label Dressed To Kill issued the album with a new cover under the title "Gang Bang" (Dressed To Kill METRO 248), pictured right.

DARRELL BATH with Splodgenessabounds

Highslide JS "I DON'T KNOW" UK CD | 2000
(Captain Oi! AHOY CD 130)

Tracklisting: Take It Up The Scrapyard / My Socks Gone Down My Shoe / Poochie / I Wouldn't Lie / Just Having A Beer / Lullaby Of Mongolia / Truncheon Meat Squad / Poochie (Slight Return) / I Don't Know / Mongols On The Streets Of London / I'm Angry / Singing Out Of Tune / plus 3 more

Recorded at Mandela Studios, South London, in December of 1999, engineered by Dave Goodman. Darrell plays on the three songs marked in yellow and co-wrote "Just Having A Beer".

UPDATE 2016: Darrell teamed up with Splodge and Mat Sargent from Splodgenessabounds to record the song "Sex, Drugs and HIV" for Mat Sargent's project of the same name, released in 2014. More info

DARRELL BATH with Zen Buddah Boot Boys

Highslide JS "ICONS" UK CD | 2001
(unknown catalogue number)

Tracklisting: Last Night I Dreamt I Met My Enemy / Eye For An Eye / Oh Yeah / Street Dog / Welcome Home / Still A Drag / The Actor and The Gypsy / Icons / Alive and Breathing / Robert Johnson / Rumbleweed

The Zen Buddah Boot Boys was an outfit put together by Gary Lammin (ex - Cocksparrer and The Little Roosters) who also included Darrell Bath and various folk, country and rock luminaries such as Jim Houghton (Gentleman Bandits) and Gary O'Dea (Brummie troubadour, Love Hound and Gentleman Bandit). The album was produced by renowned producer Dave Goodman.

Darrell first worked with producer Dave Goodman (of Sex Pistols' "Spunk" fame) back in 1988 when Goodman produced a three track EP and a promo video with Darrell and vocalist Gary Buckley (as 'Cosmic Groover'). Goodman also co-produced Darrell's solo album "Love And Hurt" in 2002.

DARRELL BATH with Medicine Head

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS
(left to right) England (2004) | England (2005) | Germany (2005)

The above CDs all feature songs from the soundtrack to the "Medicine Head Live In London" DVD, recorded by John Fiddler and Darrell Bath in the summer of 2003. The budget "Slip And Slide" CD makes no mention of this at all and comes with a misleading front cover depicting the band circa 1972. Disc 2 from the German 2CD compilation "Only The Roses" has songs from the DVD which is not found on the other two CDs.

Tracklisting 2004 CD: Rising Sun / Pictures In The Sky / One More Chance To Run / One And One is One / Big Drift Away / Only The Roses / Strong Heart / His Guidin' Hand / Back Where I Started / Indian Queen / Slip And Slide / Let The Kids Know

Tracklisting 2005 UK CD: Slip And Slide / Indian Queen / Rising Sun / Mornin' Light / Blue Skies / Epitaph Blues / Pictures In The Sky / Harder / Walking Blues / One And One Is One / Back Where I Started / Return Of The Buffalo

Tracklisting 2005 German CD (disc 2): Let The Kids Know / Big Drift Away / Indian Queen / Only The Roses / Slip And Slide / Rising Sun / Strong Heart / Return Of The Buffalo / Pictures In The Sky / Changin' Man / One More Chance To Run / Walking Blues / One And One Is One

There are still three tracks from the DVD soundtrack which have yet to appear on any album: "Time For A Change", "Time For Love" and "Win Or Lose".

- UK CD (2004): Angel Air SJPCD147 ("Fiddler's Anthology - Greatest Hits - Live")
- UK CD (2005): Hallmark 7054821 ("Slip And Slide")
- Germany 2CD (2005): Membran Music 223127-311 ("Only The Roses")

DARRELL BATH with Ian Hunter

Highslide JS "IAN HUNTER'S DIRTY LAUNDRY" Norway CD | 1995
- 1995 Norway CD: Norsk Plateproduksjon IDCD 44
- 1997 US CD: Cleveland International CIR 1001-2
- 2007 UK CD: Cherry Red CDM RED 321

Darrell co-wrote the songs marked in yellow and sang lead on his own compositions "Never Trust A Blonde" and "Everybody's A Fool".

Highslide JS Tracklisting: Dancing On The Moon / Another Fine Mess / Scars / Never Trust A Blonde / Psycho Girl / My Revolution / Good Girls / Red Letter Day / Invisible Strings / Everyone's A Fool / Junkee Love / The Other Man

TRIVIA: the front of the US sleeve doesn't have the die-cut center hole which shows Ian's face printed on the inside cover on the Norway edition (US pictured right)

Highslide JS Highslide JS "Red Letter Day"
Norway promo CD-single
(1994 | Norsk Plateproduksjon IDCDPR44)

"My Revolution"
Norway CD-single
(1995 | Norsk Plateproduksjon IDS 44)

The album "Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry" was scheduled for 1994 release and promo copies of "Red Letter Day" was distributed to the press. The album got delayed however, and when it finally arrived in 1995, the only single form the album coupled "My Revolution" and "Dancing On The Moon" instead.

Highslide JS "THE ARTFUL DODGER" Norway CD | 1996
- 1996 Norway/Germany CD: Polydor 531 794-2
- 1997 UK CD: Citadel CT1CD (pictured below right)

Tracklisting: Too Much / Now Is The Time / Something To Believe In / Resurrection Mary / Walk On Water / 23 A Swan Hill / Michael Picasso / Open My Eyes / The Artful Dodger / Skeletons (In Your Closet) / Still The Same

Highslide JS Darrell co-wrote "Open My Eyes" and "Skeletons (In Your Closet)". The 1997 UK edition was also available on vinyl as part of a box set with a reprint of Ian Hunter's 'Diary Of A Rock 'n' Roll Star' (Citadel CIT1BOX). The album has since been released twice:

- Norway (2011): Universal 00602527760940
- Germay (2014): MIG MIG 09012 CD in a digipak with bonus track "Fuck It Up"

Highslide JS Highslide JS "The Artful Dodger"
UK CD-single
(1997 | Citadel CT101CDS)

"Michael Picasso"
UK CD-single
(1998 | Citadel CT102CDS)

Artful Dodger CD-single: The Artful Dodger / Now Is The Time / Fuck It Up
Michael Picasso CD-single: Michael Picasso (studio) / Michael Picasso (live) / 23A Swan Hill
(Darrell does not play on the live track recorded at the 1994 Mick Ronson Memorial Concert)

Highslide JS "ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY" UK 2CD | 2000
(Sony/Columbia 496284 2)

This 2CD collection includes "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady", an outtake from the Artful Dodger sessions, with Darrell Bath on guitar. Another outtake from these sessions, "Fuck It Up", was issued on the UK "Artful Dodger" CD-single and again on the German 2014 "Artful Dodger" album re-issue.

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