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Highslide JS "BILLY CROSS" Denmark LP
(Medley Records MDLP 6235)

Billy Cross co-wrote "Crazy Glue" with Ian Hunter for his self-titled debut album in 1986. He first met Ian Hunter during the recording of Ellen Foley's "Nightout" album in 1978. He was invited to the Foley sessions by Mick Ronson, having worked with Mick in the band Topaz a year earlier.

TRIVIA UPDATE #1: Billy Cross also co-wrote songs with Hilly Michaels (Ian Hunter Band drummer) and they worked together on many projects, including Hilly Michaels "Calling All Girls" album from 1980 and the Delta Cross Band "Astro Kid" album from 1982.

TRIVIA UPDATE #2: Bonnie Tyler's album "Faster Than The Speed Of Light" from 1983 includes songs both by Ian Hunter ("Goin' Through The Motions") and Billy Cross ("Take Me Back")

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