IAN HUNTER sessions

This page details Ian Hunter's session- and production work from 1971 until today. His recordings with Freddie Fingers Lee in 1968 are detailed in the 'singles' section.

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IAN HUNTER with Spike

Highslide JS "100% PURE FRANKIE MILLER" UK CD | 2014
(Cargo Records LIVEWIRE LW037-2)

Tracklisting: The Brooklyn Bridge / Cocaine / I'm Losing You / Intensive Care / Fortune / Amsterdam Woman / Other Side Of Town / Cheap Hotel / Cold, Cold Nights / Did You Ever Wanna Go Home / Keepin' It All For You / Bottle Of Whiskey

Ian Hunter plays keyboards on "Cheap Hotel" and "Cold, Cold Nights" on this heartfelt collection of Frankie Miller songs which has been lovingly compiled by The Quireboys' lead singer Spike – a family friend of the Millers. Many years in the making, "100% Frankie Miller" is the ultimate Frankie Miller tribute, featuring 'lost' treasures and previously hidden gems, and guest artists such as Ronnie Wood, Simon Kirke, Andy Fraser and Bonnie Tyler. The album was released 08 September 2014.

IAN HUNTER with Tracie Hunter

Highslide JS "JUNKMAN" mp3 single | 2011

Tracie Hunter released "Junkman" as a digital only single in June 2011. The song is a duet with Joe Elliott, and his Def Leppard bandmate Phil Collen playes the guitar solo. Ian Hunter provides backing vocals. The song was originally recorded by Genya Ravan and Ian Hunter in 1979 for Genya's "And I Mean It" album, with Mick Ronson on guitar.

Highslide JS "VASILIA" UK CD | 2011
(private pressing)

A limited edition pre-release version of "Vasilisa" was sold at gigs in September 2011, and from Tracie's website, traciehunterstore. Two other great covers on the album are "3000 Miles From Here" (Ian Hunter) and "Will You" (Hazel O'Connor).

IAN HUNTER with Ellen Foley

Highslide JS "NIGHTOUT" UK LP | 1979
(Epic EPC 83718)

Tracklisting: We Belong To The Night To The Night / What's A Matter Baby / Thunder And Rain / Night Out / Stupid Girl / Sad Song / Hideaway / Young Lust / Don't Let Go [written by Ian Hunter]

Ian Hunter co-produced and played on Ellen Foley's debut album "Nightout" alongside Mick Ronson. The album was a hit in Europe, reaching top 5 in many countries, and it was even outselling Hunter's own "You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic" album released around the same time! The Hunter/Ronson team enjoyed working with Ellen and her musicians - so much in fact, that most of them ended up in the 'Ian Hunter Band featuring Mick Ronson' who toured USA in the summer of 1979!

Other collectable editions | US LP: Epic JE 36052 | Germany CD (1990): Epic 32588 | US CD (2005): Wounded Bird WOU-6052

Epic Records released several 7" singles from the album all over the world. Selected discography:

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS
(left to right): We Belong To The Night HOLLAND | ITALY | What's A Matter Baby HOLLAND | SPAIN

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS
(left to right): What's A Matter Baby JAPAN | Don't Let Go AUSTRALIA | Sad Song HOLLAND | USA

1979 - We Belong To The Night / Young Lust | UK: Epic S EPC 7847
1979 - What's A Matter Baby / Hideaway | UK/Spain/Holland: Epic S EPC 7999 | US: Epic 9-50770
1979 - What's A Matter Baby / Stupid Girl | Japan: Epic 06-5p-92
1979 - Young Lust / Don't Let Go | Canada: Epic E4-8385
1980 - Stupid Girl / Young Lust | UK: Epic S EPC 8122
1980 - Don't Let Go / Thunder And Rain | Australia: Epic ES 467
1980 - Sad Song / Don't Let Go | UK: Epic S EPC 8561
1980 - Stupid Girl / Young Lust | UK: Epic S EPC 8122 | US: Epic S EPC 8561

IAN HUNTER with Bronco

Highslide JS "ACE OF SUNLIGHT" UK LP | 1971
(Island ILPS 9161)

Bronco vocalist Jess Roden sang back-up on Mott's "Wildlife" LP, and Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs and Verden Allen returned the favour on Bronco's second album "Ace of Sunlight". Hunter/Ralphs played on "Amber Moon", while Verden was on the track "Discernible".

Tracklisting: Amber Moon / Time Slips Away / Some Uncertainty / Woman / New Day Avenue / Discernible / Sudden Street / Joys And Fears

Other collectable editions | US LP: Atlantic 9309 | UK CD (2010): BGO Records BGOCD [in a set together with their 1970 album "Country Home"]

IAN HUNTER with Tuff Darts

Highslide JS "ACE OF SUNLIGHT" US LP | 1978
(Sire SRK 6048)

Tracklisting: All For The Love Of Rock N Roll / Fun City / Head Over Heals / Here Comes Trouble / Love And Trouble / My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms / Phone Booth Man / Rats / She's Dead / Slash / Who's Been Sleeping Here / Your Love Is Like Nuclear Waste

Ian Hunter produced some demos for Tuff Darts in 1976 and became good friends with the guitar player Jeff Salen. He ended up playing electric piano on "Love And Trouble" and "Slash" on this album. The 1976 demos are still unreleased.

Other collectable editions | US CD (2002): Wounded Bird Records WOU 6048 | Japan CD (2014): Sire WPCR-15375

IAN HUNTER with David Werner

Highslide JS "DAVID WERNER" UK LP | 1979
(Epic EPC 83862)

David Werner's producer was Bob Clearmountain (of "You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic" fame) and he invited Ian Hunter to sing a duet with David Werner on "High Class Blues". Ian also assisted Clearmountain in the mixing of the song "Every New Romance".

Tracklisting: Can't Imagine / What's Right / What Do You Need To Love / Melanie Cries / Eye To Eye / Hold On Tight / Every New Romance / Too Late To Cry / High Class Blues / She Sent Me Away

Other collectable editions | US LP: Epic JE 36126 | Japan LP: Epic 25-3P-148

IAN HUNTER with Mr Big

Highslide JS "SENORA" UK 7" single | 1978
(EMI EMI 2819)

EMI released this taster for the Ian Hunter produced album in 1978, coupling "Senora" (lyrics by Ian Hunter) with "Death Boy". Sadly the single didn't do much despite the band's appearance on BBC 'Top Of The Pops' and EMI subsequently dropped the band and shelved the LP.

Highslide JS "SEPPUKU" UK CD | 2001
(Angel Air SJPCD 074)

Mr Big released two albums for EMI in the mid-70s and scored a top 10 hit with "Romeo". Ian Hunter produced their third album "Seppuku" in 1978, but the album got shelved when EMI dropped the band from their label. At the time, Mr Big were managed by Mott's manager Robert Hirschman.

Tracklisting: Senora / Woman / Place Your Bets / Here It Comes Again / Tonight / Lucy / Goosestep / You Won't See Me / Behind Enemy Lines / Come Rock With Me / Seppuku / Death Boy

IAN HUNTER with Martin's Folly

Highslide JS "FROM HOPE" US CD | 2003
(Johnson's Wax Records)

Tracklisting: Everything You Do / You're A Star / I Wish I Was Your Mother / Glad To See Me? / Time Won't Happen To Me / The Idiot And The Oddity / Yeah, I'm Sorry / Come Close / Scene Shifter / A Concept Of You / Riviera Suite / Just Like That, The Song Was Over / Martin's Lament

Martin's Folly is a Brooklyn, NY based quartet and "From Hope" is their third album. Ian Hunter was invited to help out on their cover of "I Wish I Was Your Mother" - and he ended up singing one verse himself! Hunter's drummer Steve Holley plays on the track as well. "I Wish I Was Your Mother" was actually finished three years earlier but their record company went bankrupt, so the band scrapped a lot of the stuff they had recorded except "Mother" and basically recorded a whole new album! The CD is available from www.martinsfolly.com

IAN HUNTER with Sam The Band

Highslide JS "DANGEROUS EYES" US 7" single | 1980
(Nebula Records NS-7701)

Ian Hunter's guitarist Tommy Morrongiello was a friend of Sam The Band from New Jersey, and he arranged for Ian to produce them at Media Sound in New York. Ian only produced the A-side, "Dangerous Eyes". The B-side was a cover of "Eve Of Destruction".

At the time of of recording, Sam The Band consisted of Jack Lesley (keyboards/lead vocal), Ernie White (guitar), Bernie Dippolito (percussion), Dennis Carmella (drums) and George Evers (bass).

IAN HUNTER with Corky Laing

(Pet Rock Records 71278-600042-2)

Tracklisting: Easy Money / Silent Movie / I Ain't No Angel / The Best Thing / I Hate Dancing / The Outsider / Just When I Needed You Most / Lowdown Freedom / On My Way To Georgia / Growing Old With Rock'n'Roll / The Outsider (bonus video)

Ian Hunter and Corky Laing (ex-Mountain) teamed up with Mick Ronson and Felix Pappalardi to record Laing's second solo LP in 1978. Hunter and Laing co-wrote three songs, "Easy Money", "Silent Movie" and "I Ain't No Angel" and they also recorded Hunter's "The Outsider" a year before Ian Hunter recorded it himself. The album was not released until 1999 however, and it was credited to Laing, Hunter, Ronson and Pappalardi. A film of "The Outsider" being performed in the studio is also included on the CD. This differs from the finished album version which also has Leslie West overdubs.

Other collectable editions | UK CD (2012): Floating World FLOAT M 6120

IAN HUNTER with Genya Ravan

Highslide JS "AND I MEAN IT" US LP | 1979
(20th Century Fox T595)

Mick Ronson played lead guitar, and Ian Hunter sang duet lead vocals with Genya on the track "Junkman". She had scheduled the duet with Van Morrison who was unavailable, so Mick Ronson suggested she used Ian instead. The album was also available in a limited pink vinyl version.

Tracklisting: Pedal To The Metal / I Won't Sleep On The Wet Spot No More / Steve... / Stubborn Kinda Girl / It's Me / Junkman / Love Isn't Love / I'm Wired, Wired, Wired / Roto Root Her / Night Owl

Other collectable editions | US LP pink vinyl: 20th Century Fox T595 | US CD (2004): Hip-O Records 306102 | Japan CD (2004): Vivid Sound RATCD 4279

Highslide JS "JUNKMAN" Norway 7" single | 1979
(20th Century Fox 6162 168)

This Norway single coupled "Junkman" with the album track "Love Isn't Love".

TRIVIA: "Junkman" first appeared on compact disc on the Ian Hunter 2CD compilation "Once Bitten Twice Shy" in 2000.

IAN HUNTER with Ozzy Osbourne

Highslide JS "PRINCE OF DARKNESS" US 4CD | 2005
(Epic E4K 92960)

Tracklisting CD4: 21st Century Schizoid Man / Mississippi Queen / All The Young Dudes / In My Life / Fire / For What It's Worth / Sympathy For The Devil / Working Class Hero / Good Times / Changes

This 4CD box set has two CDs with re-mastered versions of Ozzy's solo hits, CD3 contains some of Ozzy's collaborations, while CD4 has newly recorded covers. Ian Hunter contributes back-up vocals on "All The Young Dudes".

Other collectable editions | Japan 4CD: Epic MHCP 569 572

Highslide JS "UNDER COVER" US CD | 2005
(Epic EK 97750)

Due to public demand the covers disc was also released separately, and "Under Cover" added "Rocky Mountain Way", "Go Now", "Sunshine Of Your Love" and "Woman" which were not on the box set edition. For most titles Ozzy brought in the original artist to help out on 'his' track.

Other collectable editions | EU CD: Epic 828767 4314 2 | Japan CD: Sony EICP 529-30

IAN HUNTER with Mick Ronson

Highslide JS "PLAY DON'T WORRY" UK LP | 1975
(RCA APL1 0681)

Tracklisting: Billy Porter / Angel No. 9 / This Is For You / White Light White Heat / Play Don't Worry / Hazy Days / Girl Can't Help It / Empty Bed (Io Me Ne Andrei) / Woman

Ian Hunter contributed backing vocals to "Girl Can't Help It". The album was recorded shortly before Ronson joined Mott The Hoople in 1974.

Other collectable editions | US LP: RCA APL1 0681 | UK CD (1997): Original Masters SMMCD 504

Highslide JS "HEAVEN AND HULL" UK CD | 1994
(Epic EPC 474742-2)

Tracklisting: Don't Look Down / Like A Rolling Stone / When The World Falls Down / Trouble With Me / Life's A River / You And Me / Colour Me / Take A Long Line / Midnight Love / All The Young Dudes [recorded live at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert 20 April 1992 at Wembley Stadium, London]

Ian Hunter only contributed backing vocals to "Take A Long Line" and is lead vocalist on "All The Young Dudes" on the finished album, but demos exist of him singing several duets with Mick. Sadly Mick died before these songs were recorded proper.

Highslide JS Other collectable editions | UK LP (picture disc): Epic EPC 474742-1

The Mick Ronson Story (Epic ESK 6143) is a 1994 US promo CD featuring interviews with David Bowie, Joe Elliott, John Mellencamp and Ian Hunter, mixed with songs from the "Heaven And Hull" album [pictured right].

IAN HUNTER with Generation X

Highslide JS "VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" UK LP | 1979
(Chrysalis CHR 1193)

Tracklisting: Running With The Boss Sound / Night Of The Cadillacs / Paradise West / Fridays Angels / King Rocker / Valley Of The Dolls / English Dream / Love Like Fire / The Prime Of Kenny Silvers (Part One) / The Prime Of Kenny Silvers (Part Two)

Ian Hunter produced the second Generation X album at Wessex Studio in London. The band featured Billy Idol (vocals), Tony James (bass), Bob Andrews (guitar) and Mark Laff (drums).

Other collectable editions | US LP: Chrysalis PVT 41193 | UK CD (2002): Chrysalis 7243 5 38935 2 1

Chrysalis UK also released three 7" singles from the album, coupling Ian Hunter produced A-sides with non-album B-sides (with different producers). The 1987 Old Gold re-issue single combined two of the Ian Hunter produced A-sides:

1979 - King Rocker / Gimme Some Truth | UK: Chrysalis CHS 2261
1979 - Valley Of The Dolls / Shakin' All Over | UK Chrysalis CHS 2310
1979 - Fridays Angels / Trying For Kicks / This Heat | UK: Chrysalis CHS A 2330
1987 - King Rocker / Valley Of The Dolls | UK: Old Gold OG 9693

The 1979 singles were initially issued in picture sleeves with black vinyl, but limited colour vinyl editions were also available. There were four coloured vinyl editions for "King Rocker", each depicting one of the members with matching colours on the sleeve. The most common black vinyl edition however had a black/white sleeve depicting guitarist Bob Andrews.

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS
(left to right): King Rocker BLACK | Valley Of The Dolls | Fridays Angels | 1987 Old Gold

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS
(left to right): King Rocker PINK | RED | YELLOW | ORANGE

IAN HUNTER with David Johansen

Highslide JS "IN STYLE" US LP | 1979
(Blue Sky JZ 36082)

Tracklisting: Melody / She / Big City / She Knew She Was Falling In Love / Swaheto Woman / Justine / In Style / You Touched Me Too / Wreckless Crazy / Flamingo Road

Ian played acoustic piano on the track "Flamingo Road" on ex New York Dolls vocalist David Johansen's second solo album. "In Style" was produced by Mick Ronson who also played guitar and keyboards. Tom Mandel from the Ian Hunter Band played organ.

Other collectable editions | UK LP: Blue Sky SKY 83745 | US CD (2007): American Beat Records 24242

IAN HUNTER with Iron City Houserockers

(MCA Records MCA-5111)

Tracklisting: Have A Good Time (But Get Out Alive) / Don't Let Them Push You Around / Pumping Iron / Hypnotized / Price Of Love / Angela / We're Not Dead Yet / Blondie / Old Man Bar / Junior's Bar / Runnin' Scared / Rock Ola

Iron City Houserockers were signed to Cleveland International who brought in Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson to produce their second album in 1980. Mick co-produced the album along with Steve Popovich and Marty Mooney, billed as the 'Slimmer Twins', while Ian produced the track "Hypnotized" and contributed guitar, background vocals, piano and arrangement. He also arranged the track "We're Not Dead Yet". Interestingly E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt co-produced and arranged five songs on the album uncredited ("Junior's Bar", "Angela", "Running Scared", "Blondie", and "Don't Let Them Push You Around") and played lead guitar on "Junior's Bar" before leaving due to creative differences with Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson.

Other collectable editions | Holland LP: MCA Records 202.515 | Canada LP: MCA Records MCA-5111 | US CD (2000): Rock Heritage / Cleveland Int. 5001

Highslide JS Highslide JS
   "HYPNOTIZED" US 7" single | 1980
   (MCA Records MCA-41290) pictured far left

   "WE'RE NOT DEAD YET" Holland 7" single | 1980
   (MCA 102 346) pictured left

"Hypnotized" was coupled with "Old Man Bar" for a single in US and Australia (MCA Records MCA 41290). In Holland, "We're Not Dead Yet" was chosen for the A-side.

IAN HUNTER with Mountain

Highslide JS "GO FOR YOUR LIFE" US LP | 1985
(Scotti Brothers FZ 40006)

The 1985 version of Mountain saw original members Leslie West (guitar/vocals) and Corky Laing (drums) teaming up with Ian Hunter Band bassist Mark Clarke for an album and tour. Ian Hunter is credited with sequenzer on the tracks "Hard Times" and "Shimmy On The Footlights".

Tracklisting: Hard Times / Spark / She Loves Her Rock (And She Loves It Hard) / Bardot Damage / Shimmy On The Footlights / I Love Young Girls / Makin' It In Your Car / Babe In The Woods / Little Bit Of Insanity

Highslide JS
Other collectable editions:
UK LP: Scotti Brothers 26379 | Germany LP: Scotti Brothers 260.14.032 | Japan LP: Canyon Records C25Y0123 | UK CD (2008): Acadia Records ACAM 8195 (with new cover design - pictured left) | UK CD (2013): Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2390

IAN HUNTER with Payola$

Highslide JS "HAMMER ON A DRUM" Canada LP | 1983
(A&M Records SP 4958)

Tracklisting: I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right) / Where Is This Love / Wild West / Perhaps Some Day / Never Said I Loved You / No Prisoners / Christmas Is Coming / I Am A City / Hungry / People Who Have Great Lives

This was the second Payola$ album produced by Mick Ronson, who invited Ian Hunter to add backing vocals to "I'll Find Another". Tom Mandel from the Ian Hunter Band played keyboards on the album.

Other collectable editions | US LP: A&M Records SP6-4958 | Holland LP: A&M Records AMLH 64958

Highslide JS "CHRISTMAS IS COMING" Canada 12" promo single | 1983
(A&M Records SP-12084)

"Christmas Is Coming" was backed with "I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right)" for this 12" promo single in green vinyl. A Canadian 7" stock copy version was also released (A&M Records AM-627), with the sides flipped. The same edition was also available in USA (A&M Records AM-2589).

In 1984 Payola$ vocalist Paul Hyde was interviewed by Steve Newton:
Q: There was one song, "I'll Find Another", that you did a lot differently when you came back to it.
A: Yeah, it used to be called "Dancing With Another". We did it for a year, and it just got so boring that the lyrics meant nothing to me anymore. I just couldn't sing it with any sort of conviction. So when we found out that Ian Hunter was coming up we just changed it round completely, so that it was sort of a tribute to Mott the Hoople.
Q: Hunter sang background on that song. You must have been excited about working with him.
A: Oh yeah, I've always wanted to meet the guy. And I've probably picked up more than I care to admit, vocally, from him. Because there was one period way back when I didn't listen to anything else but Ian Hunter for a long, long time. His vocal style just went straight to my central nervous system, and I couldn't help it. I probably wouldn't do that with anybody else. It's just that he sang the way that felt best to me, and I think my body said, "Take a little lesson from this guy".
Q: I see that on "No Stranger to Danger" you've got a song titled "Rose". Ian has an old song called "Rose" as well.
A: He certainly does, and I think it's one of the Top 10 rock and roll songs ever written. That's why I called mine "Rose", 'cause it's about the same chick.

IAN HUNTER with Urgent

Highslide JS "CAST THE FIRST STONE" US LP | 1985
(Manhattan ST-53004)

Tracklisting: Running Back / Say Goodbye / Cast The First Stone / Love Can Make You Cry / Pay Up / Love Him Or Leave Him / Dedicated To Love / Only You / So This Is Paradise / Tell The Boys No

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson produced the debut album "Cast The First Stone" for New York based Urgent in 1985. The band consisted of the Kehr brothers Donnie (vocals/keyboards), Michael (vocals/guitar) and Steve (drums), plus Yul Vaz (lead guitar) and Klyph Black (bass). Ian Hunter also co-wrote four songs for the album: "Love Can Make You Cry", "Pay Up", "Dedicated To Love" and "So This Is Paradise".

Other collectable editions | Germany CD (2001): ATM Records ATM 3831-AH

"Running Back" was the only stock single from the album, but Manhattan Records issued 12" promo singles for other songs from the album including "Pay Up" and "Love Can Make You Cry" (housed in generic sleeves with sticker). Interestingly, Jim Steinman did a new production of "Love Can Make You Cry" for the "Iron Eagle" soundtrack in 1986 based on the original Hunter-Ronson production.

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS

(from left to right):
1985 - Running Back / Dedicated To Love | US 7" single: Manhattan B50005
1985 - "Pay Up" | US 12" promo single: Manhattan 9506
1985 - "Love Can Make You Cry" | US 12" promo single: Manhattan 9554
1986 - "IRON EAGLE" original motion picture soundtrack | US LP: Capitol SV-12499

Highslide JS "THINKING OUT LOUD" US CD | 1987
(Manhattan CDP 7 46680 2)

Tracklisting: Pain (Love Is A Victim) / Shot In The Dark / Can't Take It No More / If This Is Love / Always Be There / Running Back / Extra Extra / Turning The Knife / Give 'Em Enough Rope / Inch By Inch / All Over The World

Urgent were pleased with Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson's production for their first album, and invited them to produce the 1987 follow up "Thinking Out Loud" as well. Ian and Mick declined, but they co-wrote three songs for the album: "If This Is Love", "Inch By Inch" and "Pain (Love Is A Victim)". Two years later they would record "Pain" for their own "YUI Orta" album.

Other collectable editions | Holland LP: Manhattan 7466801

IAN HUNTER with Michael Monroe

Highslide JS "NIGHTS ARE SO LONG" Finland LP | 1987
(Yahoo! Records YAHOOLP 105)

Tracklisting: She's No Angel / Million Miles Away / Shake Some Action / It's A Lie / Highschool / Nights Are So Long / Can't Go Home Again / Too Rich To Be Good / You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Keep It Up

Ex-Hanoi Rocks vocalist Michael Monroe's debut album "Nights Are So Long" was released only in Scandinavia and Japan. It was a low budget project produced by Craig Goetsch in New York using mostly local musicians (including Yul Vaz and Klyph Black from the band Urgent). Ian Hunter played piano on four of the tracks. At the time he had just finished writing songs for Urgent's second LP "Thinking Out Loud", so Ian was probably responsible for teaming them up with Monroe. Interestingly Ian later brought in Monroe's producer Craig Goetsch as tour manager for the 1989/1990 YUI Orta tour.

Other collectable editions | Japan LP: H.I.T. Avenue Records 28HB-2042 | Finland CD (2004): Warner Music 5050467-2015-2-1

Highslide JS Highslide JS
   "SHE'S NO ANGEL" Japan 7" single | 1987
   (H.I.T. Avenue Records 07HA-1008) pictured far left

   "NIGHTS ARE SO LONG" Japan 7" single | 1987
   (H.I.T. Avenue Records 07HA-1011) pictured left

Two singles from the "Nights Are So Long" album were released in Japan, where Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks were really big at the time. "She's No Angel" was coupled with "Keep It Up", while "Too Rich To Be Good" was the B-side to "Nights Are So Long". In Finland "Keep It Up" was available on a 1987 single b/w "It's A Lie" (Yahoo! YAHOOS 6).

Highslide JS "NOT FAKIN' IT" UK LP | 1989
(Vertigo 838 627-1)

Tracklisting: Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N' Roll / While You Were Looking At Me / She's No Angel / All Night With The Lights On / Not Fakin' It / Shakedown / Man With No Eyes / Love Is Thicker Than Blood / Smokescreen / Thrill Me

"She's No Angel" was the only track from the debut to be re-recorded for Monroe's second album "Not Fakin' It". Ian Hunter played piano on the new version (he also played on the original). "While You Were Looking At Me" was one of three new songs on the album written by Little Steven. Ian Hunter planned to record the song for "YUI Orta", but ended up performing it live on the 1989/1990 "YUI Orta" tour instead.

Other collectable editions | UK/US/Germany CD: Vertigo 838 627-2 | Japan CD: Mercury PPD-1045

Highslide JS Highslide JS
   "SHE'S NO ANGEL" Japan CD-single | 1989
   (Mercury PPDS-20) pictured far left

   "MAN WITH NO EYES" UK CD-single | 1989
   (Vertigo VERCD 46) pictured left

The 1989 version of "She's No Angel" was issued as a CD-single in Japan (b/w Not Fakin' It). In UK it was included on the 12" and CD-single editions of the "Man With No Eyes" single (Man With No Eyes / Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N' Roll / Love Is Thicker Than Blood / She's No Angel).

IAN HUNTER with Scott Folsom

Highslide JS "SIMPLE TALK" USA LP | 1987
(Columbia BFC 40669)

Tracklisting: Listen to Me / Earthquakes and Hurricanes / There She Was / Red Letter Day / Walk in the Sun / One Mistake (You Just Ran Away) / White on White / Simple Talk / Flat on My Face / When You're Leaving Home

Highslide JS Ian Hunter played piano and sang backing vocals on his own composition "Red Letter Day" (recorded by Ian in 1995 for the "Dirty Laundry" album). "Simple Talk" also included "White On White" which was co-written by Ian and Scott and featured Aimee Mann from 'Til Tuesday on backing vocals.

Other collectable editions | US CD: Columbia BCT 40669 (with different cover design - pictured left)

IAN HUNTER with Mick Jones

Highslide JS "MICK JONES" USA LP | 1989
(Atlantic 82991-1)

Ian Hunter co-wrote "Just Wanna Hold" with Mick Jones and Mick Jagger for Jones' self titled debut album, released in 1989. Mick Jagger is credited as M. Phillips (as in Michael Phillip Jagger). Ian also played piano and contributed backing vocals, and he co-produced the track, uncredited.

Ian appeared alongside Billy Joel and his girlfriend at the time, model Christie Brinkley in the video for the song. Former Ian Hunter Band drummer Dennis Elliott played drums on the album (he was in Foreigner with Mick Jones at the time).

Other collectable editions | UK/Canada LP: Atlantic 81991-1 | Germany LP: Atlantic 781 991-1

"Just Wanna Hold" was released as a 7" single worldwide, backed with "You Are My Friend". It was also available in 12" format in some countries, with a longer mix of "Just Wanna Hold" as bonus track. "Just Wanna Hold" was also included with the US only Foreigner 2CD anthology "Jukebox Heroes" from 2000.

Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS   Highslide JS

(from left to right):
1989 - Just Wanna Hold / You Are My Friend | USA 7" single: Atlantic 7-88954
1989 - Just Wanna Hold | USA 1-track promo CD-single: Atlantic PR28542
1989 - Just Wanna Hold / Just Wanna Hold | Spain 7" promo single: Atlantic 1.147
2000 - FOREIGNER: "Jukebox Heroes" | USA 2CD: Rhino R2 79884

IAN HUNTER with Ellis

Highslide JS unreleased studio recording | 1973

Steve Ellis (ex Love Affair) had formed Ellis with Zoot Money in 1971 and they released two great albums, "Riding On A Crest Of A Slump" and "Why Not?". In the summer of 1973 Zoot left the band, but they carried on without him for a while, even teaming up with Ian Hunter to record his "I Wish I Was Your Mother". I interviewed Steve in 2002, and asked him about the session.

Said Steve: "Ian Hunter did a magnificent job producing it. It was potentially the lifeline we needed, it would have been a smash. However the A&R manager at the time lost the tapes. We recorded it at Olympic, and in view of Zoot's departure I called in Henry and Jimmy McCulloch (no relation) for guitar duties. However they never got to play because the A&R man mentioned earlier left them waiting outside in the tea room. Subject to the outcome of the guitar tracks, if laid down, Jimmy or Henry would have been asked to join."

IAN HUNTER with Def Leppard

Highslide JS "RETRO ACTIVE" UK CD | 1993
(Bludgeon Riffola 518 305-2)

"Retro Active" features touched-up versions of B-sides and previously unreleased recordings from the band's recording sessions between 1984 and 1993. Ian Hunter played keyboards on the re-recording of "Ride Into The Sun" which the band originally released in 1979 on their first single.

Tracklisting: Desert Song / Fractured Love / Action / Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version) / She's Too Tough / Miss You In A Heartbeat / Only After Dark / Ride Into The Sun / From The Inside / Ring Of Fire / I Wanna Be Your Hero / Miss You In A Heartbeat (Electric Version) / Two Steps Behind (Electric Version) / Miss You In A Heartbeat (HIDDEN TRACK, Acoustic Version)

Other collectable editions | Japan CD: Bludgeon Riffola PHCR-1221 | US CD: Mercury 314 518 305-2

IAN HUNTER with Alejandro Escovedo

Highslide JS "STREET SONGS OF LOVE" US CD | 2010
(Fantasy FAN-31922-02)

Tracklisting: Anchor / Silver Cloud / This Bed Is Getting Crowded / Street Songs / Down In The Bowery / Tender Heart / After The Meteor Showers / Tula / Undesired / Fall Apart With You / Shelling Rain / Faith / Fort Worth Blue

Ian Hunter provides guest vocals on "Down in the Bowery". Escovedo explained that he owes a lot to the former Mott the Hoople singer. "No one ever told me those things when I was a kid growing up, except for Ian Hunter in his songs. His songs were really my only kind of parental advice, in a way. So to have him sing on it is really beautiful. I'm kind of passing this knowledge on to my son within the song. It's almost generational in a way."

Other collectable editions | EU CD: Fantasy 0888072319226

IAN HUNTER with Ricky Warwick

Highslide JS "LOVE MANY TRUST FEW" UK CD | 2005
(Townsend Records TOWNCD 5)

The album was co-produced by Joe Elliott (of Def Leppard fame) in his Dublin studio. Ian was invited to play harmonica on the album. Ricky Warwick is perhaps best known as the frontman for the Scottish hard rock band, The Almighty.

Tracklisting: Johnny Or Elvis? / I Don't Know What To Do / Learning To Fall / New Neighbors Old Fences / Anybody Wanna Waste Some Time? / Come Back Home To Me / Guilty / Lonely Moon / Cold September / Ain't Comin' Round / Even Now / Rich Kids / Long Way Back To Nowhere / Sometimes Even Losers

Other collectable editions | US CD: Sanctuary Records 06076-84745-2

IAN HUNTER with Christine Ohlman

Highslide JS "THE DEEP END" US CD | 2009
(Horizon HMG2009)

Ian Hunter sings on "There Ain't No Cure" on Christine Ohlman's 2009 album "The Deep End". Christine is backed by her band Rebel Montez plus a number of friends: Levon Helm, Dion DiMucci, GE Smith, Marshall Crenshaw, Big Al Anderson, and others.

Tracklisting: There Ain't No Cure / The Deep End / Like Honey / Love Make You Do Stupid Things / Love You Right / Cry Baby Cry / What's The Matter With You Baby / Bring It With You When You Come / The Cradle Did Rock / Born To Be Together / Girl Growing Up / The Gone Of You / Everybody Go A Heartache / Walkin' Down The Street Called Love / The Gone Of You (After Hours)

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