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(A&M SP-65048)

Produced by Bob Ezrin, "Money Can't Buy Love" was the opening number on Karla DeVito's second solo album, released in 1986. The song featured Jay Davies (ex Mick Ronson Band) on bass and Steve Hunter on guitar among others. Karla is perhaps best known as Meat Loaf's backing vocalist.

A 7" vinyl single edition of "Money Can't Buy Love" backed with the album track "Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)" was reportedly issued in USA in 1986 (A&M 2836). Has anyone seen a copy?

Ian Hunter wrote "Money Can't Buy Love" with Tommy Mandel (ex Ian Hunter Band keyboard player). Said Tommy (to Outsider #8): "Money Can't Buy Love" was a great energy Ian song that we were working on for "All Of The Good Ones", I think, up at Wizard Studios in Westchester county, New York State. My contribution on that one was to suggest that the different parts could be put into different keys, to give the song a boost as it went from verse to chorus, and again as it returned to the next verse. There are some keys that seem to go UP when you go into them, even if they're really LOWER! So we did that, and the next thing I knew, I was a co-author on that one too! Thanks Ian!

TRIVIA ALERT! Tommy Mandel covered the Ian Hunter composition "Lullaby" in 1980, and Ian Hunter covered the Tommy Mandel composition "Wake Up Call" in 1986. More info


Highslide JS "DIVINE LOVE" China LP
(Polydor 833 918-1)

Priscilla Chan is a popular Cantopop singer in Hong Kong who records in both Chinese languages. She recorded "Money Can't Buy Love" in cantonese for her 1988 album entitled 嫻情 (the English translation is "Divine Love" or "Priscilla's Love").

Highslide JS "SILLY WOMAN LOVE" China LP
(Polydor 174 473-1)

Priscilla Chan also recorded "Money Can't Buy Love" for her mandarin language album entitled 傻女 (the English translation is "Silly Woman Love" or "Silly Girl"), released in 1988 as well. This has since been re-issued with a new cover design in the HDCD-format. You got to love her hats!

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