NEWS - December 2003

Highslide JS MEDICINE HEAD - "Live in London" - DVD update!
The Medicine Head DVD "Live in London" (Angel Airwaves NJPDVD 616) has been put back to 23 February 2004. The DVD was recorded at a film studio in August 2003 and saw John Fiddler and Darrell Bath (of Crybabys and Ian Hunter fame) perform a mix of Medicine Head, British Lions and Box Of Frogs tracks. "Live in London" is over 3 hours in length and includes 22 tracks from the band as well as bonus interviews with John Fiddler and Darrell Bath, plus full discography and history of Medicine Head, British Lions, Box Of Frogs and John Fiddler. More info

THE CRYBABYS - "What Kind of Rock'n'Roll?" - new CD out now!
The Crybabys "lost" second album from 1991 entitled "What Kind of Rock'n'Roll?" was finally released by Sanctuary Record Group in July 2003 for the first time ever. It is a 2CD set - it also includes their first album "Where Have All The Good Girls Gone" along with four bonus tracks. More info

Honest John Plain (of Crybabys and Dirty Laundry fame) recorded a solo album entitled "Honest John Plain & Amigos" in Argentina last November. It was released by Angel Air (SJPCD144) in May 2003. It is a great album and two tracks in particular will be of interest to MTH and IH fans: "Rock N Roll Heart (Part 2)" with its "sha-la-la-la push push" refrain, and the cover of Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams" (aka "Sweet Dreamer" by Mick Ronson). Be sure to visit Honest John's new website for more info,

Honest John's colleague in The Crybabys, Darrell Bath also has a new website of his own, Exclusive to this website is a new Darrell Bath rarities CD, compiling rare and previously unreleased tracks from many of the bands he has worked with over the years.

NEWS - November 2003

Highslide JS IAN HUNTER - "Strings Attached" - CD and DVD out now!
"Strings Attached" captures Ian Hunter live at the Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway in January 2002. It is available on DVD (16 tracks) and CD (19 tracks), and features Andy York (guitar), Torstein Flakne (guitar), Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboards), Sven Lindvall (bass), Per Lindvall (drums), and the Trondheim Soloists (strings). More CD info / More DVD info

DOC THOMAS GROUP - "Doc Thomas Group" - Italian CD edition!
The Doc Thomas Group album was reportedly re-issued on CD in Italy last year by On Sale Music, sourced from the original master tapes. The British edition released by Angel Air, retitled "Italian Job/Shotgun Eyes", used a mint vinyl LP as the source. It turns out the Italian edition was actually made in 1998, just months (maybe weeks, maybe days..) before the Angel Air CD. The Italian CD (On Sale Music 52 OSM 029) was limited to 1000 copies and it was only on sale in specialized shops, record fairs and some mail order catalogues.

THE RATS - "Rise And Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone" - new vinyl re-issue!
The Rats album (featuring a young Mick Ronson) has recently been released on 180gm vinyl by an Italian label. Back in England, Angel Air are planning a new CD re-issue of the same album, with new sleeve notes.

NEWS - August 2003

TIM STAFFELL - "Amigo" - new CD featuring Morgan Fisher!
Morgan Fisher, Brian May and Snowy White all guest on Tim Staffell's new solo album "Amigo". Tim was the vocalist in Morgan Fisher's early 70s band MORGAN. Be sure to visit Tim's website to learn more about the new CD:

MOTT THE HOOPLE - new CD re-issues with bonus tracks!
Angel Air will be releasing the first four Mott The Hoople albums, plus the never-before-on-CD compilation 'Two Miles From Heaven', before the end of the year. Starting with 1969's eponymous debut and running through to 1971's 'Brain Capers', all albums have been remastered and according to Dale Griffin they sound much better than the CD versions made available by Columbia Records in the 90s. All albums will include bonus tracks culled from the "All the Young Dudes" 3CD box set as described below:

- "Mott The Hoople" (Angel Air SJPCD157) - Ohio / Find Your Way (September 2003) - "Mad Shadows" (Angel Air SJPCD158) - It Would Be A Pleasure / How Long (October 2003) - "Wildlife" (Angel Air SJPCD159) - It’ll Be Me / Long Red (October 2003) - "Brain Capers" (Angel Air SJPCD160) - Midnight Lady / The Journey (November 2003) - "Two Miles From Heaven" (Angel Air SJPCD161) - The Debt / Downtown (November 2003)
RINGO STARR & HIS NEW ALL STARR BAND - "Extended Versions" - CD now available!
"Extended Versions" is the second CD documenting Ringo Starr And His New All Starr band concert at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago on 22 August 2001 was released in July 2003 by BMG in the States. This 10-track CD features some songs that were not included on the previous King Biscuit CD, namely "Karn Evil 9" from Greg Lake, "Irene Wilde" from Ian Hunter (not "Still Love Rock 'n' Roll" as stated on the cover), "Love Bizarre" from Sheila E., "Everlasting Love" from Howard Jones, and "It Don't Come Easy" from, of course, Ringo. The other five tracks are found on the previous CD release. Notable on this new CD is the lack of any tracks from Roger Hodgson, while he was given more tracks (three) than anybody other than Ringo on the King Biscuit CD.

MEDICINE HEAD - "One And One Is One" - new DVD out soon!
Angel Airwaves will be releasing a live Medicine Head DVD in November 2003. The DVD, tentatively called "One And One Is One" (Angel Airwaves NJPDVD 616), was recorded in London in 02 August 2003. For this recording (which will also be available on CD), John Fiddler was backed by Darrell Bath. The DVD will feature all Medicine Head hits as well as tracks from British Lions, Box Of Frogs and John Fiddler's solo career.

NEWS - June 2003

HUNTER / RONSON - "YUI Orta" - CD re-issue cancelled!
The March 2003 re-issue of "YUI Orta" on the Pilot label in England actually never got released, but it may end up on another label in the future. Watch this space!

Keith Smith has published issue 6 of TMFH, the magazine of the Mott The Hoople Appreciation Society. More info

Highslide JS SANDY DILLON - "Nobody's Sweetheart" - new CD out now!
Ray Majors is featured on the new Sandy Dillon album, "Nobody's Sweetheart" (One Little Indian TPLP367CD). Ray plays on 7 of the 13 tracks on offer and has also co-written one song. This is the fourth album Ray has recorded with Sandy, the others being "Skating," "Electric Chair" and "East Overshoe."

JEFF DAHL - "The Ballad of Mott Pt. 2"
Jeff Dahl has written and recorded "The Ballad Of Mott Pt. 2" for his new album "Street Fighting Reptile" (Steel Cage records SCR-027), released in January 2003. Says Jeff: "This tune is my homage to one of my favorite bands of all time, Mott The Hoople and it's called "The Ballad Of Mott Pt.2". It's a bit of a continuation of their earlier song of similar title." For the record - Jeff Dahl recorded excellent versions of "The Moon Upstairs" back in 1984 and "One Of The Boys" in 1998.

VALENSIA - "All The Young Dudes"
The Dutch pomp rock band Valensia recently released a Queen tribute CD in Japan, covering 12 Queen songs - plus "All The Young Dudes". More info

PIOL - "mick ronson è morto ieri"
"mick ronson è morto ieri" is the title of a Mick Ronson tribute song available on the album "Scappare in Verticale" by Italian Giuseppe Piol. In English, the title would read "Mick Ronson died yesterday"). Visit for more information about the song and the artist.

NEWS - April 2003

MORGAN FISHER - "Three Faces" - new 7" vinyl single!
Morgan has released a new 3-track vinyl single in Austria called "Three Faces" (Klanggalerie GG58). According to the label, "Ex member of the legendary Mott The Hoople and 80's avantgarde pioneer Morgan Fisher (Hybrid Kids) delivers three totally different tracks on this exclusive 7" - ambient, folky, eastern and western - it's all there. A bit like late Roedelius but less sweet". It's a limited edition of 100 copies, available from The First 33 copies of this item come signed!" More info

Speaking of Morgan, Jason Ritchie at has posted an interview with Morgan at his website.

Highslide JS FATAL FLOWERS - "Younger Days" - the definite collection!
I never got round to mention the Holland only 2CD collection "Younger Days - The Definitive Fatal Flowers" (Warner 0927 47278-2) when it was released in July 2002. Well, better late than never! Mick Ronson was very pleased with the two albums he produced for the band - and now you can hear for yourself! CD1 has regular studio tracks (including 10 songs produced by Mick) while CD2 has previously unreleased sessions and demos, none that features Ronno though. The accompanying booklet is a labour of love, with many rare photos of Mick. More info

More MOTT THE HOOPLE cover versions discovered!
George Lee Jr and the Crazed Cowboys issued their second album "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Cowboy" in 2002 and have now started work on the follow-up. Says George Lee: "I just finished a dynamite cover of Mott The Hoople's 'All The Way From Memphis"........ "One Of The Boys" was included on a limited edition Jeff Dahl fan club CD in 1998........ B-Movie Rats' "Rock And Roll Queen" album (2002) includes a great cover of the MTH classic with the same name........ In February 2003, The Melvins released a vinyl single with a cover of "Jerkin' Crocus" on the B-side........ Finally, the album "Air Odeon Disco Pub" (2002) by British band Abdoujaparov includes "All The Way From Memphis". More info

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Greatest Hits" - new remastered CD!
A remastered "Greatest Hits" (Columbia Legacy CK 61575) was released in USA on 15 April 2003. Early reports suggested the title of this release was "The Best of Mott the Hoople" - but it is actually nothing more than a remastered version of the previously available "Greatest Hits", albeit with two bonus cuts - "Sweet Jane" and "One Of The Boys".

MICK RONSON - "Play Don't Worry" - new remastered CD!
Snapper Records released a remastered version of the Mick Ronson album "Play Don't Worry" (Snapper SDPCD131) on 31 March 2003. The album comes with a Digipack gatefold format replicating the original artwork. The bonus tracks first introduced on the 1997 re-issue have been included on this new edition as well.

NEWS - March 2003

RINGO STARR & HIS NEWALL STARR BAND - "Extended Versions" - new CD out soon!
BMG Special Markets is releasing a CD (& cassette) called Ringo Starr & His New All Starr Band - Extended Versions. This is from the tour with Ian & includes "Still Love Rock 'N' Roll" which wasn't on the King Bisquit CD. Full track listing is "Yellow Submarine", "Karn Evil 9", "It Don't Come Easy", "Still Love Rock & Roll", "Act Naturally", "Photograph", "Love Bizarre", "With A Little Help From My Friends", "Everlasting Love" and "Glamorous Life".

IAN HUNTER - "Live At The World Cafe - The Next Decade" - new CD out now!
Ian Hunter recorded an unplugged session for the World Cafe radio show in Philadelphia in the summer of 2001, accompanied by James Mastro on guitar. "Once Bitten Twice Shy" from that session has now been included on a World Cafe sampler album! More info

DAVID BOWIE - "Alladin Sane" - 30th anniversary edition CD out soon!
Released on the 14 April 2003 is the 30th Anniversary CD edition of "Alladin Sane". It has been expanded to a two CD set with the second disc featuring rarities and live tracks, including many previously unreleased ones!

HUNTER / RONSON - "YUI Orta" - new CD re-issue!
Pilot Records in England are re-releasing Hunter/Ronson's 1989 CD "YUI Orta" on 31 March 2003 (Pilot 154). The booklet contains unseen photos by Mick Rock and newly written sleeve notes by Campbell Devine.

MICK RONSON - "Hard Life" - new CD compilation out soon!
A new Mick Ronson compilation is released on 31 March 2003. "Hard Life" is meant to be an introduction to Mick's music, and it features tracks from different stages of Mick's career. Full track listing: Crazy Love / Hard Life / Plane To England / Indian Summer / I'd Give Anything To See You / Slaughter On 10th Avenue / White Light White Heat / Just Like This / Sweet Dreamer / Hey Grandma.

NEWS - February 2003

Highslide JS MARTIN'S FOLLY - "From Hope" - new CD featuring Ian Hunter
Martin's Folly recorded "I Wish I Was Your Mother" with Ian Hunter and Steve Holley three year ago - it is now finally available on CD. More info

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "The Best Of Mott The Hoople" - CD out soon!
The release of this US only Sony/Legacy compilation has now been been put back to 15 April 2003 (it was originally scheduled for February 2003). The confirmed track listing is: All The Way From Memphis / Honaloochie Boogie / Hymn For The Dudes / Born Late '58 / All The Young Dudes / Roll Away The Stone / Ballad of Mott / Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll / Foxy Foxy / Saturday Gigs / Sweet Jane / One of the Boys. The CD comes with liner notes written by Ben Edmonds (who championed Mott for CREEM magazine in the 70s).

DAVID BOWIE - "Ziggy Stardust Motion Picture" - new CD and DVD out soon!
A newly remastered version David Bowie's famous retirement gig from July 1973 will be released on CD and DVD in England on 24 March 2003. Tony Visconti has created new mixes, and this time around Mick Ronson's guitar is much farther up in the mix. For the first time the full introductions to songs and David's chat in between have been included and it is the first time his famous farewell speech has been available on CD. A limited edition double red vinyl LP will also be made available. More info

NEWS - January 2003

STEVE HOLLEY - "The Reluctant Dog" - new CD out soon!
Ian Hunter's drummer Steve Holley has recorded a brand new solo album for Angel Air entitled "The Reluctant Dog" (Angel Air SJPCD133). Tentative release date is 13 March 2003. Denny Laine (ex-Wings) is one of many guests on the album.

New official MICK RALPHS website!
To coincide with the release of his third solo album, "That's Life" (Angel Air SJPCD 136) - Mick has now got his own website up and running, at

MICK RONSON - "Slaughter On 10th Avenue" - new remastered CD!
Snapper Records are re-releasing the Mick Ronson album "Slaughter On 10th Avenue" (Snapper SDPCD121) on 29 January 2003. The album has been re-mastered and will be released in Digipack gatefold format replicating the original artwork. The bonus tracks first introduced on the 1997 re-issue have been included on this new edition as well.