MOTT THE HOOPLE cover versions

This is a list of artists who have recorded Mott The Hoople songs and made them available to the general public using vinyl or CD, video or DVD, or mp3. Digital downloads from official band websites are included, but recordings sampled from live tapes/CDs or YouTube videos will not be listed.

Use the links below to learn more about a particular cover version. Separate entries for covers of the song "All The Young Dudes", plus Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs and Mick Ronson cover versions are also available. A very big thank you to LOUIS IOSUB for his help with compiling this index!

Last but not least, the miscellaneous section holds information about the Japanese Mott The Hoople tribute album "Moth Poet Hotel", the infamous fake Mott The Hoople CD issued by K-Tel, plus details about those lovely budget cover version albums issued in the early 70s.

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MOTT THE HOOPLE songs recorded by other artists

"Moth Poet Hotel" - a tribute to Mott The Hoople

Highslide JS Morgan Fisher was the mastermind behind the 1996 Japanese only album "Moth Poet Hotel", subtitled "a tribute to Mott The Hoople". He got some of Japan's biggest rock stars (plus Brian May of Queen) to record versions of Mott The Hoople songs. Besides playing on most songs, Morgan also wrote a new song for the project, which became the album's title track. Read on for the full story of the sessions, the artists and even Ian Hunter's own comments! More info

The fake Mott The Hoople albums

Highslide JS K-Tel released a CD called "The Best Of Mott The Hoople" in 1996 which contained re-recordings of Mott's hits by a bogus band. The cover however wrongly stated that the re-recordings were made by Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson shortly before Mick died. Two years later K-Tel were found guilty in the UK courts and fined £8000 plus £1488 costs. This hasn't stopped other companies from releasing the very same album. More info

Guide to budget cover versions albums

Highslide JS Remember the budget cover version albums from the early 70s? With titles like "Top Of The Pops", Hit Parade" and "Hot Hits", from labels like Music For Pleasure, Rediffusion and Hallmark? These LPs were aimed at young kids who, for little more than the price of a single, could get an albums worth of re-recorded hits instead. Of course, it didn't hurt sales that these albums all featured a nice ROCK AND ROLL QUEEN on the cover! More info

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