NEWS - December 2004

DENNIS DUNAWAY - new solo CD featuring Ian Hunter!
Dennis Dunaway (of Alice Cooper band fame) is recording a new solo album, engineered by Rick Tedesco in his Brookfield studio. He is joined on the project by other veteran rockers, including guitarist Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult) and Ian Hunter. Ian last worked with Dennis in 2001, when he co-wrote four songs for "Back from Hell", the critically acclaimed album by BOUCHARD, DUNAWAY & SMITH.

DAVE WALKER - "Mostly Sonny" - new CD featuring Ray Majors
Ray Majors has contributed to a new album by ex-Savoy Brown singer Dave Walker. The CD is called "Mostly Sonny: A Tribute To Sonny Boy Williamson". Ray plays guitar on all tracks, and he also wrote and sang the track "Driftin". More info

THE LOOK - "Pop Yowlin'" - new CD featuring Gus Goad!
Gus Goad, bass player with Ian Hunter's RANT band, has recorded a new album with his own band The Look, entitled "Pop Yowlin'". The Look features Gus along with Johnny Whetstone, Mick Bass, and Chris Wyles. This is the follow up album to their debut from the early 80's. "Pop Yowlin'" gets a February 2005 release via Angel Air (Angel Air SJPCD193).

NEWS - November 2004

LUTHER GROSVENOR - "Under Open Skies" - re-issued with bonus tracks!
Luther's 1971 solo album "Under Open Skies" has been remastered and gets a re-release on December 13th via Gott Records - part of BGO Records (GOTTCD019). Two bonus tracks, "Heavy Day" and "All The People" (both non-LP single B-sides), have been added as well.

RICKY WARWICK - "Love Many Trust Few" - new CD featuring Ian Hunter!
Ian Hunter is reportedly playing harmonica on a track called "Guilty" on Ricky Warwick's (ex The Almighty) forthcoming second solo CD "Love Many Trust Few". The album is due to be released in May 2005 by Sanctuary Records, and it is produced by Joe Elliott at his studio in Dublin.

IAN HUNTER - "Just Another Night" - forthcoming DVD!
Secret Records are releasing a DVD (in PAL only format) of Ian's 2004 concert at London Astoria, with special guests Joe Elliott and Brian May, in February 2005. Around the same time, Sanctuary will be releasing the "Strings Attached" CD and DVD (in NTSC format) in the US. More info to follow!

MICK RONSON - "Slaughter" and "Play Don't Worry" - new CD re-issues!
Japanese limited LP style paper sleeve editions of "Slaughter On 10th Avenue" (Vap VPCK-85351) and "Play Don't Worry" (Vap VPCK-85352) are released on 25 January 2005. They come with the same bonus tracks as the earlier CD editions.

NEWS - August 2004

DOGS D'AMOUR - "Heart Shaped Skulls" - new compilation CD
Warner Brothers released the 21 track compilation "Heart Shaped Skulls - Best Of 88-93" on 25 October 2004 (Warner Bros 5046737532) which features Darrell Bath. Initial copies are accompanied by a 7 track DVD which includes the promo videos to "Satellite Kid", "All Or Nothing", and more.

GENYA RAVAN - "And I Mean It" - available on CD for the first time!
Two out-of-print Genya Ravan albums were finally released on CD by Hip-O Records in September 2004: "And I Mean It" (from 1979 featuring Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson), and "Urban Desire" (from 1978 featuring Mick Ronson Band drummer Bobby Chen). Genya's autobiography "Lollipop Lounge: Memoirs Of A Rock ‘n’ Roll Refugee" was also published around the same time called. More info

MOTT THE HOOPLE - new re-releases!
On 07 June 2004 "Hoopling - Best Of Live" was re-released on CD at mid price. Around the same time a vinyl reissue of "Mott" (180g vinyl) was released by Simply Vinyl, mastered from the original analogue reels.

KEVIN DUBROW - "Drivin' Sister"
Ex Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow's first-ever solo album, entitled "In For The Kill", was released on 25 May 2004 through Shrapnel Records in the US (a short time later in Europe through Mascot Records). The album is a collection of DuBrow's favourite songs from the 1970s, including "Drivin' Sister". More info

MEDICINE HEAD - "Only The Roses" - new CD-single!
The very first Medicine Head CD-single was released by Angel Air Records on 06 September 2004. "Only The Roses" is a new studio recording, and it has been coupled with "Rising Sun", culled from the "Fiddler's Anthology - Greatest Hits - Live" album. More info

PRISM - "We Gotta Get Out Of Here" cover version update!
Prism reportedly recorded a cover version of "We Gotta Get Out Of Here" on their 1997 "From The Vaults" compilation CD. Reviews at the time even mentioned Ian's name. After a long search, Louis Iosub finally tracked down a copy of the CD, only to find that the song was not a Ian Hunter cover at all! Louis: I was thrilled finding it, and even more when I saw that 2 other songs might also be IH covers ("Rain", "American Music"). Unfortunately "We Gotta Get Out Of Here" and the other two are group originals, nothing near Ian Hunter anywhere.

NEWS - July 2004

MEDICINE HEAD - new Japanese CD re-issues!
Universal in Japan released digitally remastered CD re-issues of the Medicine Head albums "New Bottles Old Medicine", "Dark Side Of The Moon" and "Heavy On The Drum" on 05 July 2004. Only "New Bottles" was previously available on CD. More info

Highslide JS GUY STEVENS - "The UK Sue Label Story" - new album series!
Earlier this year, Ace Records (UK) released three CDs which, between them, chronicle the six-year lifespan of the UK Sue label, probably the most beloved imprint of all among the many collectors of blues, rock‘n’roll and soul on UK labels. UK Sue was the R&B arm of Island Records, and for most of its lifetime the total responsibility of the late Guy Stevens. Almost every record that was released on Sue was personally selected by Stevens. Album details:

- "The World of Guy Stevens - The UK Sue Label Story Vol 1" (ACE CDCHD 1001) - pictured above
- "Sue's Rock'N'Blues - The UK Sue Label Story Vol 2" (ACE CDCHD 1008) - view image
- "The Soul of Sue - The UK Sue Label Story Vol 3" (ACE CDKEND 235) - view image

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Walkin' With The Hoople" - new collection!
On 27 July 2004 Snapper Music issued "Walkin' With The Hoople", another compilation of songs culled from the "Stockholm To Philadelphia" and "Two Miles From Live Heaven" Angel Air releases. More info

IAN HUNTER - "One More Time" - new song released!
Ian Hunter's version of "One More Time" kicks off disc two on the Alejandro Escovedo tribute album "Por Vida", released 24 July 2004 by OR Music in the States (OR Music OR 804022). Other artists include Sheila E., Pete Escovedo, Los Lobos, Billy Corgan, Jackson Browne and many more. More info

NEWS - May 2004

MEDICINE HEAD - "Live In London" - new DVD and CD!
The "Medicine Head - Live In London" DVD was finally released on 29 March 2004 by Angel Air. It was recorded on a wonderful summers evening last year at a film studio in London before a selected audience. John Fiddler sang songs from his entire career - Medicine Head, British Lions, Box Of Frogs as well as solo material, backed by Darrell Bath. More info

An accompanying CD was released a month later, entitled "Fiddler's Anthology - Greatest Hits - Live". The CD has 12 songs and comes with track by track quotes from John Fiddler and informative sleeve notes by Keith Smith. More info

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Live" - 30th Anniversary Edition!
Sony released the long-awaited 30th anniversary 2CD edition of "Mott the Hoople Live" on 31 May 2004. The album has been fully remastered, it is housed in a beautiful digipack, and the new edition adds 13 previously unreleased tracks! More info

NEWS - February 2004

MICK RONSON with DAVID BOWIE - "Sound and Vision" boxset re-issued!
"Sound And Vision" was a US only David Bowie boxset, released in 1989 - with a fine mix of hits and misses and rarities, including several from the Ronson era. It was finally given a UK release in November 2003 (EMI Records). Now comprising four discs instead of three and fully remastered, the new set covers his career up to 1997 (the old version stopped at 1980). There are no new Ronson rarities on the 4CD edition, but this box set is a must have if you never picked up the original set!

Highslide JS IAN HUNTER - "Standing In The Light" - new CD re-issue!
Originally released in 2000, "Missing In Action" has been re-issued by a British label (retitled "Standing In The Light"), limited to 5000 copies worldwide. The re-issue was NOT approved by Ian Hunter, who put out the following warning on his website: "If anybody sees an album called Standing In The Light on a label called Alchemy, DON'T BUY IT. These pathetic pigs have been screwing me for years." More info

IAN HUNTER & MICK RALPHS - "Taking The Mick" - CD cancelled!
This Angel Air live album by Ian Hunter and the Rant Band recorded in Manchester in 2002, due for release on 4 April 2004 has been cancelled because of problems with the recording (Mick Ralphs and Andy York's guitars were not recorded properly).

NEWS - January 2004

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO - tribute CD featuring Ian Hunter!
The two-disc tribute album "Por Vida" with participations by Ian Hunter, Sheila E., Pete Escovedo, Los Lobos, Billy Corgan, Jackson Browne and many more will be released in April through Or Music in the States to benefit the Alejandro Escovedo Medical & Living Expense Trust, set up to pay costs associated with the singer/songwriter's treatment for Hepatitis C.

STEIN INGEBRIGTSEN - "All The Way From Memphis"
In the mid 70s, Stein Ingebrigtsen recorded a Norwegian language version of "All The Way From Memphis". This is now available on CD for the first time. More info

IAN HUNTER - "Purgatory" used in movie soundtrack!
The Ian Hunter song "Purgatory" was used in the 2003 short film called "Hollywood The Hard Way", written and directed by Patrick Coleman Duncan. The plot outline according to IMDB: Small time theater in Hollywood becomes a "dating service" for the producers.

THE RATS - "The Fall And Rise (A Rats Tale)" - new CD re-issue!
This album first got the Angel Air treatment back in 1998, but this time around this compilation of sides recorded by Mick Ronson's first band The Rats includes a 20 page booklet with new sleevenotes by Keith Smith and unseen photos from Rats member Benny Marshall's personal photo album. Tentative release date is 15 March 2004.

Highslide JS MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Mojo Presents..." - new CD out now!
Sony in England released a CD entitled "Mojo Presents... an introduction to Mott The Hoople" (Sony Music 512777) on 22 September 2003. The album was compiled by staff writers at the respected UK rock monthly Mojo Magazine, and it has a very good mix of album and single tracks. More info

HUNTER-RONSON - "YUI Orta" - new CD re-issue with bonus tracks!
Cherry Red released a remastered version of the 1989 album "YUI Orta" in September 2003. A rare 1971 single by Mick Ronson's band Ronno was added as a special bonus! More info

DAVID BOWIE - "Black Tie White Noise" - new CD re-issue with bonus DVD!
David Bowie's 1993 album which saw him work again with Ronson, was re-issued in August 2003 as a double CD with a bonus DVD. The second disc features mixes and other tracks that came out on various issues throughout the world, while the DVD was previously released on video. The DVD contains exclusive interviews with David Bowie, Lester Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Mick Ronson & Nile Rodgers.