NEWS - April 2006

MARTIN BRILEY - new box set! Better late than never..... July 2005 saw the release of "The Mercury Years", a limited edition, 2 CD boxed set compilation containing all three Martin Briley (of Ian Hunter Band fame) albums and some demos of previously unreleased songs, all digitally remastered. This is only available to buy from the HipO-Select website.

NEWS - March 2006

MOTT THE HOOPLE - CD re-issues update!
Sony US released the digitally remastered versions of "All The Young Dudes", "Mott" and "The Hoople" on 20 February 2006 - although "The Hoople" was a 'Digital Only Release' via iTunes. All three came with bonus tracks. Sony UK will release the remastered versions in April 2006 - including a CD version of "The Hoople". More info

IAN HUNTER - "All American Alien Boy" - new CD with bonus tracks!
Sony UK will release a 30th anniversary edition of Ian Hunter's second solo album "All American Alien Boy" on 03 April 2006, with the following bonus tracks added: "To Rule Britannia From Union Jack" (session outtake) / "All American Alien Boy" (early single version) / "Irene Wilde" (session outtake) / "Weary Anger" (session outtake) / "Apathy" (session outtake) / "(God) Advise To A Friend" (session outtake). This CD is being made available in jewel case and digipak editions (note that Sony failed to manufacture the jewel case edition of his first album last year and it has still not been released).

NEWS - January 2006

MOTT THE HOOPLE / IAN HUNTER - forthcoming CD re-issues!!
Sony will be re-issuing Mott The Hoople's 1972 album "All The Young Dudes" and the 1973 album "Mott" on 20 February 2006. Both re-issues will include bonus tracks. Ian Hunter's second solo album, "All American Alien Boy" from 1976 will also be issued as a 30th anniversary edition, complete with bonus tracks.

JOHN FIDDLER - "Hollister 2005" DVD - new song on movie soundtrack!
Pelicam Productions recently released "Hollister 2005 - the Official Rally DVD". This charity video project features a dynamic instrumental soundtrack of original material by guitar virtuoso/composer Pete Haycock (ex-Climax Blues Band, ELO Part II, H Factor, and numerous motion picture soundtrack scores), and features a collaborative piece entitled "Miracle -- The Hollister Mix", with some soulful vocals and lyrics by John Fiddler. A portion of the DVD's proceeds go to the Hollister Emmaus House, which will provide shelter to abused women and children. "Miracle" is currently only available on this DVD in its current form, but Pete Haycock plans to include it on his forthcoming solo album "Bikers' Dozen".

SHAM MORRIS - Gigantic Inflation Of The Ego - new CD!
Sham Morris, who collaborated with Mick Ronson on "Heaven And Hull", has released a new CD with his band SPIV U.K. The CD is entitled "Gigantic Inflation Of The Ego" and is available from CD Baby. According to the press release, the band plays new British Rock, energetic, immediate, layered, trippy, guitar based music!

NEWS - November 2005

IAN HUNTER - "Just Another Night" DVD - now available in USA!
On 25 October 2005, Ian's live DVD "Just Another Night" was issued in the USA, on the NTSC format. It's released by Secret Films, a division of Secret Records Ltd, distributed by Music Video Distributors. More info

Wounded Bird (USA) have just re-issued the first three Mott The Hoople albums on CD. They are the same remasters as the recent Angel Air versions but minus the liner notes and bonus tracks, and are manufactured by Rhino. Catalogue details: Mott The Hoople (Wounded Bird WOU-8258), Mad Shadows (Wounded Bird WOU-8272), Wildlife (Wounded Bird WOU-8284). More info

The Wounded Bird 2005 catalogue also includes the Bad Company album "Fame And Fortune" (Wounded Bird WOU-1684) from 1986, and "Nightout" (Wounded Bird WOU-6052), Ellen Foley's solo debut from 1979, produced by Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson. More info

NEWS - August 2005

VARIOUS ARTISTS: "Mojo Presents - The Roots of Sex Pistols" - free CD!
"The Roots Of The Sex Pistols" is a 15-track CD featuring tracks that inspired the Sex Pistols - including "Crash Street Kids" by Mott The Hoople! The CD was only available with the January 2005 edition of Mojo magazine (UK).

IAN HUNTER - "The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nuthin' But The Truth" - new CD!
Snapper Music released "The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nuthin' But The Truth" (Secret Records SMACD906), a live double CD of Ian Hunter's May 2004 London Astoria concert, on 25 July 2005. This is the same concert that was released on DVD earlier this year, entitled "Just Another Night". More info

IAN HUNTER - "Ian Hunter" CD - 30th anniversary edition!
Sony released two versions of the 30th anniversary edition of Ian's debut album from 1975, "Ian Hunter", on 02 May 2005 (Sony/Columbia 519817 2). Both the standard jewel case and the digipak versions contains 6 bonus tracks, all previously released on the "Once Bitten Twice Shy compilation": Colwater High / One Fine Day / Once Bitten Twice Shy (single edit) / Who Do You Love (single edit) / Shades Off (poem) / Boy (edit). More info

NEWS - July 2005

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Family Anthology" - CD with unreleased tracks!
Angel Air released the fine 2CD compilation "Family Anthology" on 04 July 2005 with no less than 10 previously unreleased tracks, including outtakes from the first two Mott The Hoople albums and new solo efforts by Overend Watts, Buffin, Ariel Bender and Verden Allen! More info

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Concert Anthology" - out now!
Another Mott The Hoople anthology was released on 10 May 2005. "Concert Anthology" (Purple Pyramid) is a US only 22-track compilation taken from the "All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia - Live 71/72" and "Two Miles From Live Heaven" albums - including four studio demos from the latter. More info

IAN HUNTER - "Strings Attached" DVD - with bonus tracks!
Sanctuary finally gave the "Strings Attached" live DVD a belated US release, in March 2005. The US edition has three bonus tracks not found on the 2003 release (Wash Us Away / Don't Let Go / Roll Away The Stone). The 2CD set was also released at the same time, but this got no bonus tracks. More info

OZZY OSBOURNE - "All The Young Dudes"
Ozzy Osbourne released a new 4-CD boxed set called "Prince of Darkness" on 22 March 2005. The 4 discs include demos, B-sides, and live tracks plus a full CD of previously unreleased, newly recorded covers of songs he loved as a youth. Ozzy performs the Beatles' "In My Life", John Lennon's "Working Class Hero", the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" and Mott the Hoople's "All The Young Dudes" (with Ian Hunter on vocals). More info

NEWS - March 2005

IAN HUNTER - "Just Another Night" - new DVD
The UK release of the new Ian Hunter DVD recorded last year at the Astoria in London, has now been confirmed as April 25th. More info

LUTHER GROSVENOR - "Under Open Skies" - CD re-issue!
The Gott re-release of Luther's 1971 LP "Under Open Skies" got delayed but the album was finally issued on 31 January 2005, including the two non-LP bonus tracks "Heavy Day" and "All The People".

JANY JAMES - "Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll"
Italian rocker Jany James covered "Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll" on his album "Rock 'n' Roll Bandit" back in 2002, released by Desert Inn Records. More info

MIDNIGHT FLYER - "Midnight Flyer" - first time on CD!
Angel Air have added two bonus tracks to Midnight Flyers self-titled debut album from 1981, produced by Mick Ralphs (Angel Air SJPCD198). Now available on CD for the first time! More info

STEVE ELLIS - "An Everlasting Soul" - new CD out now!
Steve Ellis, the voice of 60's hitmakers The Love Affair, Ellis, and Widowmaker, is the subject of a forty-three track double CD mid-price compilation entitled "An Everlasting Soul (The Anthology)" which was released on 31 January 2005 on the Castle Music label (a division of Sanctuary Special Markets). More info

JAKE BRENNAN - "The Original Mixed-Up Kid"
Boston artist Jake Brennan and his band The Confidence Men covered "The Original Mixed-Up Kid" on his latest CD called "Love and Bombs", released in September 2004. More info

MEDICINE HEAD - "Don't Stop the Dance" and "Slip And Slide" - new CDs!
Two new Medicine Head albums were released on 07 March 2005! The most interesting one is no doubt "Don't Stop The Dance" (Angel Air SJPCD185), a collection of previously unreleased Medicine Head material recorded in 1974, including three live tracks. "Slip And Slide" is a budget release out now on Hallmark (Hallmark 705482) with six songs from the recent Medicine Head DVD recording which did not make the "Fiddler's Anthology" CD cut, plus six songs that did. There is no mention of the DVD recording whatsoever on the sleeve, however - and the cover picture is an early 70s shot of the band instead of John Fiddler and Darrell Bath! More info