MICK RONSON songs on
"various artists" compilation albums

This is a list of compilation albums featuring at least one track by Mick Ronson (typically record label samplers, hit compilations and movie soundtracks).

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MICK RONSON songs on compilation albums

  • 1995 CD - Audio 9 (Audio CD9 - GRE): SLAUGHTER ON 10TH AVENUE (free CD with "Audio" magazine)

  • 2012 CD - Cherry Bombs (ROC177-11-12 - UK): ANGEL NO. 9  (free CD with 'Classic Rock' magazine)
  • 1999 CD - Glam Bam Thank You Ma'am (Buddah Records 99617 - US): WHITE LIGHT WHITE HEAT
  • 2000 2xCD - Glamrock (SPV Records SPV 089-29892 - GER): HEY MA GET PAPA
  • 2002 CD - Guitars For Freedom II (Angels On Earth - US): INDIAN SUMMER

  • 2006 CD - Oh! You Pretty Things - The Songs of David Bowie (Castle CMQCD1311 - UK): see write-up below

  • 1975 LP - Rock News Vol. 23 - Marz 1975 (Teldec 6.621007 - GER# promo): BILLY PORTER
  • 1980 LP - Rock Stars (Chrysalis CRL-30003 - ARG): FBI (from "Welcome To The Club")

  • 1999 CD - Sir Price - Die Zweite (Edel - Germany): ONLY AFTER DARK
  • 2001 CD - Soundhouse Loves You (Soundhouse - GER): CRAZY LOVE

  • 1999 CD - Unconditionally Guaranteed Vol 7 (Uncut UNCUT UG-8 14 - UK): I'D GIVE ANYTHING TO SEE YOU
                   (free CD with 'Uncut' magazine)

Oh! You Pretty Things - The Songs of David Bowie

Highslide JS UK 2006 CD: Castle CMQCD1311

This 23 track compilation has three Mick Ronson tracks ("Music Is Lethal", "Growing Up And I'm Fine" and "Hey Ma Get Papa") and there are also previously unreleased mixes of Lulu's "The Man Who Sold The World" and Dana Gillespie's "Andy Warhol", both produced by and featuring Ronson.
Highslide JS
Mott The Hoople's "All The Young Dudes" is also included. And yes, that is Mick pictured between Lulu and Dana Gillespie on the frontcover! A 22 track version with a slightly different cover with the same catalogue number is also available (pictured right).

Guitar Gods

Highslide JS UK 2000 CD: Dressed To Kill Records

On this 14 track collection of "Guitar Geniuses", Mick Ronson is rightly featured alongside Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, B.B King, John Mayall, Uli John Roth, James Stevenson, Carlos Santana, Peter Green, Peter Frampton and Jimi Hendrix. The Mick Ronson track is "Belgique Blue" (by Andi Sexgang).