NEWS - December 2010

"All The Young Dudes" cover version update!
I have completely revamped the "All The Young Dudes" cover version discography, and added 25 or so newly discovered covers! The index now have details of 72 different versions released on vinyl, compact disc, or available only as digital mp3 downloads from official band websites. The latest version was released on 25 December 2010 by Italian glam rockers ZAP. More info

KRELL - "Ready For Love"
Two new cover versions of "Ready For Love" have been discovered. Krell from Los Angeles recorded the song in 2001 and the Austrian band Dr. Kurt Ostbahn und Die Chefpartie released a German language version in 1993. More info

Highslide JS LES GOSSES - "Thunderbuck Ram"
A 1971 recording of "Thunderbuck Ram" by Holland band Les Gosses probably qualify as the first ever Mott The Hoople cover version, and also one of the rarest. Their self titled album (pictured right) was only sold at concerts in 1971 and apparently no more than 270 copies were pressed!

Two other covers of "Thunderbuck Ram" have also turned up, by Iron Maiden (recorded 1972) and Temple Lock (recorded 2007). More info

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Live In Sweden 1971" - new LP!
Sireena Records in Germany have just released the Mott The Hoople vinyl only album "Live In Stockholm 1971". The album includes six songs from the bands concert in Stockholm, Sweden on 16 February 1971, previously available on numerous Angel Air releases. More info

EUGENE - "Waterlow"
Italian artist Eugene recorded a cover of Nomadi's 1971 composition "Suoni" for an Italian only compilation CD in 2007. "Suoni" and "Waterlow" share the same melody and structure, they were both released in 1971, so to me it is obvious one is copying the other - but I don't know who! More info

LONDON - 1980 demos featuring Nigel Benjamin!
Nigel Benjamin recorded some demos with the band London in Los Angeles in 1980. They were released on the 1999 album "London Daze" by Spiders & Snakes (now deleted), but they have since been added to the Japanese edition of Spiders & Snakes' "Hollywood Ghosts" CD from 2006! More info

JOE ELLIOTT'S DOWN 'N OUTZ - exclusive 14 track digital download editions!
"ReGeneration", the Ian Hunter - Mott - British Lions covers album by Joe Elliott's Down 'n Outz is available from Amazon with a live version of "Shouting And Pointing" (Mott) which is not available on the CD editions. On iTunes, the extra bonus track is a live version of "Golden Opportunity" (Ian Hunter). More info

NEWS - November 2010

MOTT THE HOOPLE - "The Collection" - new CD!
Camden Records released the 17 track Mott The Hoople compilation "The Collection" on 22 October 2010. The title is a bit misleading since four Mott tracks are included ("Stiff Upper Lip", "Monte Carlo", "Good Times", and "Storm") - the rest are a fine mix of album and single cuts. More info

Highslide JS MOTT THE HOOPLE - four new digital download only albums!
Mainman have licenced their Mott The Hoople catalogue to online vedors such as iTunes, Amazon, and others - and four 'new' download only albums have recently been released in their 'Legit Bootleg Series': "In Concert", "An Introduction", "Philadelphia Featuring David Bowie", and "Stockholm" (pictured right). They may look like new releases, but the material on these digital albums are still available on CDs released by Angel Air, with different titles and artwork. More info

JOHN PHILLIPS - "Many Mamas, Many Papas" - new CD featuring Mick Ronson!
The latest album in 'Papa John Phillips Presents' series of releases on Varese Sarabande, "Many Mamas, Many Papas" has the four previously unreleased studio recordings featuring Mick Ronson from the then newly reformed 'The Mamas And The Papas' circa 1981 included in the set. More info

"The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll" - two new cover versions added!
Details of a 1983 live recording by former Bay City Rollers members Ian Mitchell and Pat McGlynn (from their album "Live in Yokohama"), and Def Leppard's 2006 studio version from their "Yeah!" album have been added. More info

Other cover versions recently added to the Mott Archive:

- Cobra Verde - Rock And Roll Queen (2005)
- Taboo Blue - Walking With A Mountain (1998)
- Swedish Erotica - Roll Away The Stone (2005)
- South Filthy - The Original Mixed-Up Kid (2006)
- The Tennessee Tearjerkers - The Original Mixed-Up Kid (2006)
- Buffalo - Roll Away The Stone (1980)
- Phillips & Driver - Ready For Love (2003
- Damien Youth - Trudi's Song (2000)
- Mott - Rock And Roll Queen / Violence / All The Way From Memphis (1975)
- Phil Hendriks - Momma's Little Jewel (2005)

Highslide JS MOTT THE HOOPLE - "Honaloochie Boogie / Rose" art sleeve!
A Mott The Hoople fan has transformed photographer Sally Mann's 1989 portrait "Candy cigarette" into a great 2010 style picture sleeve, capturing the essence of the song "Rose". He concludes that "Let's have a thought for all the Rose throughout the world and the decades that lost their youth and their life in this awful dope cul-de-sac". The original print (without any text) is available from various art dealers on the internet.

BRIAN HOWE - "Circus Bar" - new CD!
Former Bad Company vocalist Brian Howe has just released his third solo album. "Circus Bar" (Frontier Records FR CD 450) contains 13 tracks, including remakes of two of his biggest Bad Company hits, "How About That" and "Holy Water".

BRITISH LIONS - "Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco 1978" - new CD!
Angel Air have just released a new live album by British Lions. Their concert at The Old Waldorf, San Francisco in 1978 was recorded shortly before the band returned to the UK to start working on their second album "Trouble With Women". More info

NEWS - October 2010

DOLLY MIXTURE - "Foxy Foxy" update!
On 05 July 2010, Rough Trade Records released a 3CD Dolly Mixture box set called "Everything And More". The 56 song set includes the "Demonstration Tapes" album from 1984, all singles A and B sides plus a disc of previously unreleased demos and live recordings from 1978-1984. Credible sources have stated for years that their demo of "Foxy Foxy" was included on the aforementioned "Demonstration Tapes" album, a limited low budget release issued on the band's own label. Having searched for this album for years to no avail myself, now this new box set comes along to tell me that "Foxy Foxy" never was on the "Demonstration Tapes" album in the first place! At least I saved some money!

Highslide JS "The Trybe Play Mott The Hoople And Others" - mp3 only albums!
Two new mp3 download albums have recently popped up at online vendors - "The Trybe Play Mott The Hoople And Others" (pictured right) and "The Trybe Perform Mott The Hoople". These recordings were first released by K-Tel in 1996, who wrongly claimed that they were new recordings made by Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson, recorded shortly before Mick's death! More info

Recent updates to the Mott Archive:

- added the Japanese Mott The Hoople tribute album "Moth Poet Hotel" from 1996. More info
- updated the index of budget cover versions albums from the early 70s. More info

"Rock And Roll Queen" - four new cover versions added!
Details of covers by The...Vers, The Glorias, Trash Mavericks and Survivor have been added along with the following new cover versions:

- "The Original Mix-Up Kid" by Harvest and Carbon/Silicon
- "All The Way From Memphis" by Nada Surf and Shark Island
- "One Of The Boys" by Paul Westerberg, The Replacements, TKO
- "I Wish I Was Your Mother" by Surf Guitar Villains
- "Ready For Love" by Gunhill and Pat Travers
- "Roll Away The Stone" by Zero

MEDICINE HEAD - "Radio Sessions 1971 - 1977" - new CD!
Angel Air Records released "Radio Sessions 1971 - 1977" back in March 2010. This 17 track album was compiled by John Fiddler and comes from numerous radio sessions and different band line-ups in the period 1971 to 1977. More info

Other Medicine Head news! John Fiddler has written, performed, recorded and produced a new song called "Free" which is available now to download from all download stores including iTunes, Amazon, Emusic etc! The song is credited to Medicine Head and is only available digitally. More info